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Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage includes the following programs...

Fee-for-service, manage care plans, Medicare supplimental plans

An exclusive provider organization (EPO) is similar to...


A PCP is a...

Primary care provider, Personal care provider, Personal care physician

A special accidental injury rider covers...

100% of nonsurgical care rendered within 24-72 hours

A point of service plan (POS)...

Allows subcribers to choose between a network provider or out-of-network provider

A BCBS PPO plan is...

A subscriber-driven program

The Federal Employees Health Benefits program cards contain the phrase Government-Wide Service Benefit Plan and emplyees have identification numbers that begin with the letter...


Healthcare Anywhere...

Allows members to have access to benefits throughout the United States and World

Blueworldwide Expat provides medical coverage for...

Employees and dependants who spend more than 6 months outside the United States

The most common coinsurance amounts range from...


When a patient is covered by primary and secondary or supplimental Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance plans...

No claim is needed for the secondary or supplimental claim, modifications are made to the CMS-1500 claim

Blue Cross plans were initiated in 1929 and originally provided coverage for...

Hospital bills

Blue Shield was created in 1938 and originally covered...

Physicians services

Which of the following is attached when completing a secondary claim...

A remittance advice

The deadline for Blue Cross Blue Shield claims is...

One year from date of service

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