mobile operating system

three primary operating systems utilized in most mobile devices today are?
Android; Apple iOS; Microsoft windows
what are the mobile payments available for each of the three mobile OSs?
apple pay for iOS device; Google Wallet for android device; SoftCard for Windows phone
what are some of the common features among android, apple and microsoft operating system?
interface control elements consist of switches, buttons, and sliders; screen orientation is facilitated using an accelerometer or gyroscope; GPS capabilities; emergency notification; Wi-Fi calling
iOS is a closed source operating system that works only on?
iphone, ipad, and ipod touch
the app source for iOS device is the?
App store within itunes
what is the virtual assistant for iOS known as?
the open handset alliance which is owned by google developed the?
android OS
Android OS supports?
open source-developed applications and functions
where can apps be obtained in a android OS?
google play
how can the virtual assistant on android device be accessed?
by speaking the words "okay Google"
the android user interface is referred to as?
the Android Launcher
windows phone 8.1 is?
a closed source OS
windows phone 8.1 use the same WinApp UI with the start screen and tiles as?
windows 8.1 on a computer or tablet
apps for windows phone 8.1 can be obtained from?
windows store
Cortana is the virtual assistant for?
windows phone 8.1
windows phone user interface is referred to as?
the windows mobile device center launcher
blackberry OS and HP webOS are?
other mobile OSs
iOS runs on Apple products only, where the Android OS is used by?
many different mobile device manufacturers
Apps for iOS devices are built using the iOS SDK and use the programming language?
windows phone 8.1 apps are built using the Windows SDK and the programming language is?
android devices use a SDK that uses Java programming language and also the Android Application Package (APK) format to package?
their apps
APK files can be named almost anything, as long as the file name ends in?