intro to ptech chapter 1-3,5


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also called plant, something that is built or installed to serve as a specific purpose
a system of people, methods, equipment, ans structures that create products from other materials, using a series of actions or operations into products for consumers
process industries
a broad term for industries that convert raw materials, using a series of actions or operations, into products for consumers
process technicians
a worker in a process facility that monitors and controls mechanical, physical, and/or other chemical changes, throughout many processes, to produce either a final product or an intermediate product, made from raw materials
process technology
processes that take quantities of raw materials and transforms them into other products
also called output. the desired end components from a particular process
output, such as material made in a plant, oil from a well, or chemicals from a processing point
raw material
also called feed stock or input. the materials sent to a processing unit to be converted into a different material or materials
integrated group of process equipment used to produce a specific product or products. all equipment contained in a department
Name five process industries
oil and gas, chemicals, mining, power generation, pulp and paper
What is the best definition of a unit in process industries
an integrated group of process equipment used to produce a specific product or products
process technicians ________ and control the mechanical, physical, and/or chemical changes that occur during a process
True or false: Process technicians do not need an understanding of math and science in their jobs
what are at least three jobs companies look for when hiring?
communication skills, technical skills and knowledge, and computer skills
name at least five traits companies look for when hiring
positive attitude, strong work ethic, being respectful to others, accept criticism and feedback, and deal with change
True or false: Many facilities operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
when are two mental low periods during the day?
what can you do to combat the fatigue associated with shift work?
take naps when possible, avoid stimulants and alcohol, eat a light snack between 2-6am/pm
the process of locating oil and gas reservoirs by conducting surveys and studies and drilling wells
organic compounds that contains only carbon and hydrogen that are most often found occurring in petroleum, natural gas and coal
a substance found in the earth, such as oil and gas, composed of chemical compounds consisting primarily of hydrogen and carbon
the process of purifying crude substance into other products, such as petroleum being separated into gas, kerosene,gas and oil
the oil and gas industry segment responsible for moving petroleum from wells to processing facilities and finishing products to customers. methods include pipelines, water crafts, railways and trunks
what are three segments of the oil and gas industry
exploration and production, transportation, and refining
what did the earliest refineries produce?
what is the most common method of transporting petroleum
what is the process of purifying a crude substance into other products?
What kind of degree do you have to have to be hired?
associates degree
what tasks are associated with monitoring of a process
sample process streams, analyze data, make process adjustments
alternate current
an electric current that reverses direction periodically this is the primary type of electrical current used in the process industries
the smallest particle of an element that still retains the properties and characteristics of that element
an organic energy-producing mineral, consisting primarily of hydrogen and carbon
cogeneration station
a utility plant that produces both electricity and stream for heating
direct current
an electrical current that always travels in the same direction
a flow of electrons from one point to another along a pathway, called a conductor
the process of splitting the nucleus, the positively charged central part of an atom, which results in the release of large amounts of energy
a device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy
a powerful generation source that uses steam produced by the earth to generate electricity
a power generation source that uses flowing water to generate electricity
a power generation source that uses the power of the sun to heat water and generate electricity
a machine for producing power. activated by the expansion of a fluid on a series of curved vanes on an impeller attached to a central shaft, which is used to create mechanical energy
a power generation source that uses flowing air currents to push against blades of giant windmill-like turbines
what are the three sources of power used to generate electricity?
generation, transmission, distribution
which greek inventor created a steam powered device over 2,000 years ago?
who credited with inventing the first electric generator?
Micheal faraday
what fuel sources is used in most often for generating electricity?
what tasks are associated with troubleshooting and problem solving?
apply processes such as root cause analysis, use statistical tools, and participate in correct action teams