APES Tragedy of the Commons


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Garret Hardin
wrote Tragedy of the Commons.
What is the Tragedy of the Commons?
A user reaps full benefit of his/her personal use while losses are distributed amongst all users.
What is a technical solution?
A problem that can be solved using science or engineering and not cheating.
What is the main cause of pollution?
Who will Natural Selection benefit?
The Cheater.
The 3 examples of commons that were mentioned in the passage are?
Cattle over-grazing the land due to too many cattle, Maritime Nations are bringing fish and whales close to extinction, and National Parks are beginning to look like crap.
What are the 3 solutions to prevent the Tragedy of the Commons?
Mutually coercion, education, and private property.
What is the inequality equation that represents the Tragedy of the Commons?