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  1. Where did jefferson get his idea for the Declaration?
  2. The Boston Massacre
  3. Coercive asts helped unification of colonies against Britian how?
  4. Coercive Acts of 1774 (4 acts+Quebec act))
  5. Sons of Liberty
  1. a Acts put in place only to punish the colonistsfor Boston Tea Party. 1) Port Bill: Cosed down Boston harbour until cost of ruined Tea could be replaced. 2) Government Act: Suspended MA Charter and forbade colonists to hold town mettings without the govenors permission. 3) Administration of Justice Act: Allowed royal officials to be tried in other colonies or in Britian as to avoid hostile Juries. 4) New Quartering Act: required public officials to feed and house, in private houses if neccesary, soldiers stationed in the colonies. 5) Quebec Act: expanded quebecs boundary down to the Ohio River, and overided CO, MA, and VA claims to disputed western lands.
  2. b He got it from John Locke, you only have a right to rule if you have the consent of the people. Some basic priciples of it was " the right of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."
  3. c Samuel Adams, Paul Revere-famous ride,John Hanncock,James Otis- No taxation without representation(just a slogan)
  4. d Partrol soldier starts getting heckled by a colonists and soldier hits him, then all these people come out of bars and pubs and it becomes an angry mob, soldier calls for back up, but mob corners all the 9 soldiers there. One soldier is hit with a stick, Hugh Montgomery, and he fires first, the rest fire to after maybe hearing fire from the crowd.
  5. e Depended colonists hostility toward Britian. Colonists everywhere felt sympathy for Boston and sent money and food to offset the affects of the Port Bill.

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  1. John Adams defends the soldiers. 7 equitted while 2 are accused of manslaughter, branded on the hands and free to go.
  2. Some wanted to establish an immeadiate Declaration of independence while others urged restraint. People brought up the idea of a continental army but most colonists were in the same page that something had to be done.
  3. Sons of Liberty burned his house down. He was also a loyalist.
  4. Increased amount of smuggling in the colonies so Britian made it so that smuggling cases were sent to British courts. The Act mostly effected colonial merchants, rum distillers, and ship owners/builders.
  5. New Prime Minister, repeals some of the townshend Acts but lets the Declaratory Act expire. Under him, govenors and Judgeswould now have their salaries paid by England and the colonists knew this meant now that the govs. and judges were in Englands pocket.

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  1. Writs of AssistanceSpecial warrants used to enforce the townshend Acts and were special because you din't need to state what your looking for.


  2. Continental Army is establishedgets it wrong thinking that the colonists didn't like the taxes being collected in the colonies, so he passes the Townshend Acts because then the taxes are collected at ports.


  3. Order of Prime MinistersWilliam Pitt, George Grenville, William Pitt, Charles Townshend, and Lord North


  4. Ironic?Samuel Adams, Paul Revere-famous ride,John Hanncock,James Otis- No taxation without representation(just a slogan)


  5. Sugar Act of 1764Taxed foriegn sugar, mollases, and several other things


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