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Lesson 1.4 Miraculous Births

They were barren.
What was wrong with both the mothers of Samuel and John the Baptist?
Jesus was a better version of what OT character?
Samuel and Samson
What two people in the OT was the result of a miraculous birth?
Jesus and John the Baptist
What two people in the NT was the result of a miraculous birth?
Samson and John
Whose births were born to barren women?
John and Samson
Whose births were followed by angelic announcements that they would be Nazirites?
Samson and John the Baptist
Who acted as independent judges and paved the way for the coming of a deliverance?
Who was used to deliver Israel from the Philistines?
John the Baptist
Who was used to prepare people for Jesus' ministry?
What type of vow was made to God while a person completed a certain task?
Nazirite vow
What type of vow did not allow a person to cut his hair?
Samuel was an early type of ___.
Hannah and Mary
Which two mothers wrote a song to celebrate their conceiving a song?
Hannah and Mary referred to themselves as ___.
Whenever God was about to do something great, He would cause a ___ woman to get pregnant.
Samuel and Jesus
Which men in the Bible were not blood-related to their fathers?
Both Samuel and Jesus were dedicated to ___ at an early age.
stature favor
Both Samuel and Jesus grew in ___ and in ___ with God and men.
High Priest
Both Jesus and Samuel became the ___.
Jesus and Samuel
Which men in the Bible did not leave a son to continue their blood line?
Both Jesus and Samuel experienced some kind of "___" from the dead.
Mary is the new ___.
dedicate them to the Lord
What was a barren woman supposed to do with her child?
What OT character does Elizabeth compare Mary to?
wrote song, servant of God, favored by God
Why did Elizabeth compare Mary to Hannah?
He did not believe.
What did Zechariah do when the angel said he was going to have a son?
could not talk till his son was dedicated to God
What happened to Zechariah because he didn't believe the angel?