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  1. Leader of the Nazi Party and the Third Reich in Germany before and during World War II.
  2. Indian nationalist and spiritual leader who developed the practice of civil disobedience that forced Great Britain to grant independence to India in 1947
  3. A government system in which one leader controls all aspects of public and personal life
  4. A type of government in which a dictator controls society via the use of military and aggression
  5. System in which the government controls all economic decisions; also known as communism

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  1. Spanish Civil WarConflict started by Francisco Franco in which Hitler is able to experiment with blitzkreig warfare


  2. Joseph Stalin"Living space"; Hitler's idea that Germany needed to expand it's borders to allow the German people to prosper


  3. Five Year PlanStalin's economic policy to try and rebuild the Soviet Union after WWII


  4. Cultural Revolution1966-1976 uprising in China led by the Red Guards with the goal of promoting communist ideas and purging all enemies


  5. civil disobediencea form of nonviolent protest