Unit 2 (AP Gov)

Who makes up the Legislative Branch?
The House of Representatives and the Senate
What does House of Representatives do?
Represents the state based on population (145)
What does the Senate do?
Have two representatives to equally represent each state (100)
What does the Legislature Branch do?
Makes laws for our nation
Who makes up the Executive Branch?
The president and all Executive Agencies. (State Department, IRS. Homeland Security)
What does the Executive Branch do?
Enforce the laws of our country
Who makes up the Judicial Branch?
The Supreme Court, Court of Appeals and District courts
What does the Judicial Branch do?
Interpret the laws to see if they are in line with the Constitution
How do Checks and Balances work?
All have means of making sure each branch is working honestly and by the Constitution. This will prevent one branch from taking over.
How does the Legislative and Executive Branches check one another?
The Legislative is able to impeach and override vetoes with w 2/3 votes. Executive is able to pass veto bills without the approval of the Legislative.
How does the Executive and Judicial Branches check one another?
The Judicial can declare presidential acts unconstitutional while the Executive Branch has power to appoint judges and pardon power.
How does Judicial and Legislative Branches check each other?
The Legislature approves federal judges while Judicial can declare laws unconstitutional.
What case created the Judicial Review?
The Marbury .vs. Madison case in 1803 when Madison was leaving office and appointed midnight judges.
Why is the Judicial Review such a powerful tool?
It allows the Federal Courts to look at all past lawsuits and laws and judge whether they are constitutional or not.
What is informally changing the Constitution?
When the Supreme Courts make a ruling like the Plessy v. Ferguson case.
What is formally changing the Constitution?
It reflects our federalist system as the national government and state governments need to work together to accomplish a change in the written language of our Constitution.