ORDER OF THE DRAW / blood tubes

1) yellow
2) light blue
3) red
red marble
4) green
5) lavender
6) gray
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1) y - blood / body fluids, cultures
2) lb - coagulation studies, PT,PTT, INR
3) r - chemistry and serology studies, hormones
organs, medicines, serum, HIV
3) rm - same as red panel/profile studies
4) g - chemistry pasma, electrolytes, ABG
5) l - hematology, CBC differential, ESR
6) g - glucose and alcohol testing
light blue testcoagulation studies PT, PTT, INRred testchemistry and serology studies hormones, organs, medicine, serum HIVred marble testsame as red test panel / profile testsgreen testchemistry (plasma) electrolytes ABSlavender testhematology CBC differential ESRgray testglucose and alcohol testingroyal blue tube topadditive: sodium heparin test: plasma studies for trace elementsgreen marble tube topadditive: lithium heparin and gel for plasma seperation test: STAT chemistry plasma studiesyellow marble tube topadditive: thrombin activator test: STAT serum chemistryfill tubes fullyinvert tubes containing additives