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PBIS Vehicles in Motion Learning Set 1.5->1.9


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A push or pull.
A force that opposes motion.
The force of attraction between objects. On Earth, gravity pulls objects downward toward Earth's center.
(noun) a repetition that attempts to improve on a process or product.
A substance (such as oil or grease) put between two surfaces to reduce friction.
Greatness or extent of size.
A change in the position of an object over time.
net force
The overall force acting on an object, when all the individual forces acting on the object are added together.
A unit of measurement for force.
normal force
The force that comes from the surface on which an object is located.
A measure of how fast an object is traveling.
unbalanced force
Forces that do not produce a net force of zero.
An object's speed and direction.
also called gravity force / Equals mass times gravity
Normal Force
the force that comes from the surface on which an object is located
surface force
also called Normal Force
applied force
the force exerted on an object by a person or other object
push force
also called applied force
air resistance force
a special type of friction which opposes the motion of an object and usually is only of concern at high speeds
tension force
type of force transmitted through cables, strings, or wires where the string is pulled tight
3 ways unbalanced forces change motion
speed up (start moving), slow down (stop moving) or change direction