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2 things that the brainstem contains
Medulla and the Pons
What vital functions does the brainstem control
Breathing, bp, swallowing, hr
What part of the nervous system does the peripheral nervous system include
Everything except the brain and spinal cord
What does the parasympathetic nervous system include
Brain stem and lower spinal column
What does the parasympathetic nervous system do
Stimulate digestion and slow hr. Sympathetic nervous system does the opposite
Excitatory postsynaptic potential
Firing a neuron
Accomplishes postsynaptic potentials
What is the cerebellum responsible for
Coordination of voluntary muscles, maintain posture and balance
What does the cerebellum consist of
Frontal, parietal, temporal, and occipital lobes
What is the frontal lobe responsible for
Higher thinking
What is the parietal lobe responsible for
Making associations
What is the temporal lobe responsible for
What is the occipital lobe responsible for
2 categories of sleep
Rem and non rem
What happens during rem
Increase in temperature, metabolism, blood flow to the brain. Opposite in non rem
What part of the brain controls sleep
Reticular activating system. Damage to this causes coma
Neurotransmitters in the reticular activating system
Acetylcholine, histamine, catecholamines (epinephrine)
How long does stage 1 sleep last
5 minutes
Howe long does stage 2 sleep last
25 minutes
How long does stage 3/4 last
30-40 minutes
How long does rem last
5 minutes
Normal sleep cycle
1,2,3/4,2 rem,2
What area of the brain controls rem
Locus coeruleus
Part of the brain that inhibits the reticular activating system during sleep
Tractus solitarius
How much sleep do most people need
8-9 hours