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ovulation is the follicular response to a burst of secretion of


prior to ovulation, the steroid hormone secreted by the growing follicle is


the hypothalamic hormone that stimulates hormone secretion by the anterior pituitary gland is


chronological order of the 3 phases of the ovarian cycle

follicular, ovulation, luteal

chronological order of the 3 phases of the uterine cycle

menstrual, proliferative, secretory

among human males, both semen and urine travel along the


human sperm cells first arise in the

seminiferous tubules

most of the non-cellular fluid in ejaculated human semen is composed of

the secretion of the seminal vesicles

in humans, the follicular cells that remain behind in the ovary following ovulation become

a steroid hormone synthesizing structure called the corpus luteum

testosterone is synthesized primarily by the

Leydig cells

sperm cells are stored within human males in the


chemical signals exchanged between potential reproductive partners are called


internal and external fertilization both

produce zygotes

animals with reproductive dependent on internal fertilization need not have

internal development of of embryos

what form of reproduction can produce diverse phenotype that may enhance survival of a population in a changing environment


environmental cues that influence the timing of reproduction generally do so by

direct effects on hormonal control mechanisms

what is an advantage of asexual reproduction

asexual reproduction enables the species to rapidly colonize habitats that are favorable to that species

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