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The early Christians were forced to worship in underground tunnels called


The emperor who enabled Christianity to be accepted as just another religion was


The capital of the Roman empire shifted from Rome to


Byzantine art was famed for its use of

decorative mosaics

By the time the Hagia Sophia was finished, the western Roman empire

no longer existed

The Angles, Saxons, Norse and Franks did works of art in intricate, complex patterned forms called the

animal style

Charlemagne built his chapel with elements of old Roman architecture and those of


The painted decorations in handwritten Christian books were called


Romanesque cathedrals encouraged worshippers to

turn inward in a sheltered atmosphere

Gothic cathedrals were noted for their

flying buttresses

Gothic cathedral sculptures feature

rounded religious figures

Claus Sluter's most famous accomplishment was

the Moses Well

In Christ Entering Jerusalem, _____ tried to create a sense of three-dimensional space


Giotto's The Lamentation was notable for showing the _____ and _____ reactions of the people he painted

psychological / emotional

If it weren't for the contributions of Sluter, Giotto and Duccio, there might not have been a


The walled, upward extension of the nave that is pierced with windows is called the


Because Christianity emphasized congregational worship, a fundamental change in the _____ was needed

architectural design of places of worship

The cross-shaped floor plan of a church is formed by the combined shapes of the nave and the


The major axis of a central-plan church, such as the church of San Vitale in Ravenna, is


The mosaic, Christ as the Sun, exemplifies early Christian artists appropriation of ____ iconography

both b & d
Greek / Roman

Unlike their Greek and Roman predecessors, the Byzantine artists preferred

a flattened, abstracted style of art

Architects of Romanesque churches began installing _____ around the apse, which allowed the overflow of pilgrims to circulate freely around the interior of the church


_____ is a pattern or patterns formed by intricately interwoven ribbons or bands


The art and architecture of the high Middle Ages is generally divided into two periods, the ____ and the _____

Romanesque / Gothic

All the following are features of Romanesque architecture Except

large windows of stained glass

Gothic cathedrals are known especially for

their stained glass windows

The technique in which colored yarns are sewn to an existing woven background is called


The ____ is the walkway directly in front of a church that serves as the entry portch


Duccio and Giotto, two artists whose innovations greatly influenced Renaissance painting styles, were in turn influenced by

Byzantine and Gothic traditions

Abbot Suger's church near Paris, Saint Denis, is the first _____ church ever built


The Palace Chapel at Aachen was built for ____ as his personal place of worship


What purpose do the carved figures serve that adorn the entryways at Chartres Cathedral

They serve as reminders that one is entering a sacred space

Soaring open spaces, pointed arches, ribbed vaulting, flying buttresses, and stained glass windows are characteristic of

Gothic cathedrals

In his painting _____ the artist Duccio pioneered the use of architecture to define space and direct movement

Christ Entering Jerusalem

The transition from Romanesque to Gothic style can be seen in the _____ at Chartres Cathedral

both a & d
architecture and sculpture

_____ technique was used to complete the Empress Theodora and Retinue n 547 CE


An image of a sacred subject painted on a wood panel during the Byzantine era is referred to as

an icon

In a Romanesque church, the _____ is an aisle around the apse that helps to ease the excess flow of pilgrims through the church


The objects found at the Sutton Hoo burial site in Great Britain are typical of the

animal style

As a model for Christain churches, Roman architects used the standard _____ plan


Artistic works in the animal style often contain ____ and images of abstracted animals


Gothic architecture typically inforporated

pointed arches and ribbed vaulted ceilings

I roman architecture, a basilica is

a long, rectangular, multipurpose meeting hall

Byzantine churches, such as San Vitale, had much of their interiors decorated with


The central interior space of the basilica-style church is called a


_____ is an embroidery depicting the conquest of England by William of Normandy in 1066

the Bayeaux Tapestry

During the Byzantine era, an image of a sacred subject painted on a wood panel is referred to as

an icon

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