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Chapter 5, Quiz

When many ethnic groups live together in a nation with abundant food and adequate medical care, children of ________ descent tend to be tallest.
(p. 160)
The "just-right" phenomenon:
refers to young children's insistence on routine.
pg. 162
Environmental hazards such as pollution interfere with the development of ______________.
motor skills
pg 164
The _________ allows communication between the two hemispheres of the brain
corpus callosum
pg 167
Which area is said to be the "executive" of the brain?
prefrontal cortex
pg 168
Which of the following is crucial for the expression and regulation of emotions?
limbic system
pg 169
Which of the following is a central processor of memory, especially of memory for locations?
pg 169
Which Piagetian term literally means "self-centered"?
Which characteristic of preoperational thought involves a child ignoring all attributes that are not apparent?
focus on appearance
pg 171
After noticing that her 4-year-old brother was having difficulty putting a jigsaw puzzle together, Rose helped him with the task by praising his successes and helping him to recognize progress. From Vygotsky's perspective, this as an example of:
guided participation
pg 173
Vygotsky's term for the skills that a person can experience only with assistance, not yet independently, is:
zone of proximal development.
pg 174
The __________ function of speech occurs during both formal instruction and casual conversation
social mediation
pg 175
Theory of mind:
typically appears rather suddenly.
pg 177
The process by which children develop an interconnected set of categories for words is called:
The tendency of a young child to apply rules of grammar when he or she should not is
pg 180
Child-centered programs recognize that children learn through play with other children. This is most consistent with the views of:
pg 183
According to the text, what complicates the evaluation of Head Start programs?
Programs vary in length, curriculum, and goals
pg 186
Why do experts prefer the term "injury control" to the term "accident prevention"?
The use of the term "accident" suggests that no one is at fault and that certain events are inevitable.
pg 188
We recognize today that child abuse or maltreatment is:
usually perpetrated by the child's parents or immediate relatives.
pg 190
Which of the following is an example of tertiary prevention of child maltreatment?
removing an abused child from the home
pg 193
Chapter 5, Quiz