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Sexual disorder is defined as
any problem with arousal, performance, or achieving orgasms
Lifeling sexual disorders vs. ones that arise later
primary vs. secondary(later)
Prevalence of sexual disorders is controversial since
they are hard to define
Sex disorders- caused by preexisting conditions?
can be
___ of married couple do or will experience sex disorder in lifetime
Most commons sex disorder in men
climaxing too early following by anxiety about performance
Most common sex disorder for female
lack of interest in sex
70% of men visiting clinics said they
had a failure to get erected
Erectile dysfunction affects
10-15% of males
Can you decrease your risk of ED by living better?
Yes, no smoking, drugs, injuries, brain factors, or developmental issues
Smoking does what to penis
causes blood vessels to harden
Smokers have _ risk of ed than normal
2x more
Erectile dysfunction affects _% of men over 50, over 70
50% of men over fifty, majority over 70
Laura and Jennifer Berman -
said that 43% of sexually active women have had sex dysfunction - sex therapist
lowers risk of male erectile dysfunction
Prostaglandin E1 - alprostadil
produced erection when injected directly into corpora cavernosa
Penis pump
draw blood into penis - clamp
Seeing as premature ejac is most common problem in men - what are some ways to help?
1. Start/stop technique 2. Squeeze method 3. Use antidepressants
____ is most effective premy ejac drug
Treating delayed ejaculation
testosterone injections
Eros device
clit pump
sexual pain in females from vag infections, scarring, endometriosis, no lube
Major cause of disparunium
outer portion of vagina spasms during sex, gets too tight
Use dilators for
Difficulty reaching orgasm is how common in women
very common
Low body does what to libido
decreases estrogen
Need to give hormone to older folks to keep arousal going
Sensate focus
for women who lack sexual desire, one partner in back one in front
Cycle of sex addiction
craving sex --> ritualized search for sex --> finding sex --< ashamed about it --> back to craving it
Club Drugs
do not increase sexual performance.
will not help sex performance, it kills your brain. aka MDMA