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Tray set ups for fixed appliances

Tray set up for placement and removal of elastic separators

Basic set up, Scaler, elastic separating pliers, Mathieu pliers, air/ water syringe tip, low volume saliva ejector tip, HVE tip

Tray set up for placement and removal of steel spring separator

Basic set up,Dental floss, Bird beak pliers, Steel spring separators

Tray set up for placement and removal of brass wire

Basic set up,spool of brass wire, hemostat,Ligature wire cutter, condenser

Tray set up for cementation of orthodontic brackets

Basic set up, Cotton rolls & gauze, Saliva ejector and HVE,Slow speed hand piece w/ rubber cup and prophy paste, selected and prepared bands, band pusher, bite stick, scaler, cement, paper pad or glass slab, cement spatula, plastic filling instrument

Tray set up for Direct bonding of brackets

Bracket placement card with brackets, orthodontic bands, polishing agent w/out fluoride or glycerin, prophy angle with polishing cup, air/water syringe tip, Basic set up, Scaler, Band seater- bite stick, posterior band remover, Anterior bracket placement pliers, Posterior bracket placement pliers, cement spatula, Low-volume saliva ejector, HVE tip, microbrushes, disposable cheek retractors

Tray set up for Placement of arch wire and ligature ties

Basic set up, Cotton rolls and gauze, saliva ejector and HVE, selected arch wire, Weingart pliers, bird beak pliers, Elastics or ligature wire, ligature tying pliers, distal end cutting pliers and condenser

Tray set up for removing Bands and brackets

Basic set up, Cotton rolls and gauze scaler, and Ligature wire cutting pliers, hemostat, Bracket and adhesive removing pliers, posterior band remover, Ultrasonic scaler (optional) prophy angle, cups and prophy paste, alginate impression material and tray

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