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2 cause (people) to feel that they belong together or form a cohesive group : the comradeship that had bound such a disparate bunch of young men together. • ( bind someone to) cause someone to feel strongly attached to (a person or place) : loosened the ties that had bound him to the university. • cohere or cause to cohere in a single mass : [ trans. ] with the protection of trees to bind soil and act as a windbreak | [ intrans. ] clay is made up chiefly of tiny soil particles that bind together tightly. • cause (ingredients) to cohere by adding another ingredient : mix the flour with the coconut and enough egg white to bind them. • cause (painting pigments) to form a smooth medium by mixing them with oil : use a white that is bound in linseed oil. • hold by chemical bonding : a protein in a form that can bind DNA. • [ intrans. ] ( bind to) combine with (a substance) through chemical bonding : these proteins have been reported to bind to calmodulin. 3 formal impose a legal or contractual obligation on : a party who signs a document will normally be bound by its terms. • indenture (someone) as an apprentice : he was bound apprentice at the age of sixteen. • ( bind oneself) formal make a contractual or enforceable undertaking : the government cannot bind itself as to the form of subsequent legislation. • secure (a contract), typically with a sum of money. • ( be bound by) be hampered or constrained by : Sarah did not want to be bound by a rigid timetable. 4 fix together and enclose (the pages of a book) in a cover : a small, fat volume, bound in red morocco. 5 trim (the edge of a piece of material) with a decorative strip : a ruffle with the edges bound in a contrasting color.