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APHG unit 4 &5 test questions

new york city is divided into five...
states with federal forms of government must also have...
territorial organization
in the world systems model, the core nations of the world are...
located mainly in europe and north america
is not a potential cause of balkanization
a strong central government
...involves the economic and political domination of one state by another, while... includes official, institutionalized government rule
in 1995 plebiscite, the canadian province of quebec sought which of the following
advanced economic countries, like the US, may prodce more pollution than less economically advanced countries because...
they consume more resources
primary economic activities include
the direct extraction or harvest of natural resources
since 1960. the diffrerence between per capita gross national products of the world's wealthiest countries and the world's poorest countrieshas
increased dramatically
core-periphery patterns exist within countries as well as among them. in the US, economic peripheries include
southern appalachia and the lower mississippi
the aggregate measure of economic development that accounts for the depreciation of capital and natural resources is called the
net national product
which of the following region experienced rapid industrial growth during the early 20th century, followed by severe decline and difficult period of economic readjustment
the great lakes
break-of-bulk points are
sites where goods are transfered for continued shipping
in rostow's stages of development model, economic maturity is characterized by
high mass consumption
a... is a group of people with common political identity, and a .... is a country with recognized borders
governments are organized into a geographically based hierarchy of local government agencies
with its system of regional provinces, canada is an example
federal state
the drawing of new voting districts is called
when voting districts are redrawn in such a way that they purposely favor a political party, they have been
Indonesia is an example of a
fragmented state
which of the following is a landlocked country
in antartica, deometric political borders do little to organize a vast
...forces work to pull countries apart, while ... forces work to bind them together
centripetal... centrifugal
when one country exerts political, economic, or social influence over another country without the aid of official government institutions, is called
for many years, French Canadians from quebec sought...., or the right to govern themselves and to establish their own independent state
hitler's nationalist/expansionist philosophies drew in part from
organic geopolitical theory
when countries come together for a common purpose, somewhat limiting their own individual powers, the resulting body is called
supranational organization
the .... was based on control of land, markets, and political ideolog, whereas the ... divide is based on wealth and poverty
east/west divide.... north/south divide
.... boundires characterize much of africa as they ignore cultural and tribal differences across space
the industrial revolution
began in england in the 18th century
which of the following are commonly associated with he industrial revoltion
new forms of capital investment
deindustrialization has had a dramatic impact on which of the following regions
the great lakes
...... take advantage of geographic differences in wages, labor laws, environmental regulations, taxes, and the distribution of natural resources by locating various aspects of their production in different countries
mexico's maquiladoras are an example of
export-processing business
niger's economy is mostly limited to
primary economic activities
rostow's stages of development model predicts that each country's economy will progress from
low per capita incomes to high per capita incomes and high consumption
the... is a measure of all goods and services produced by a country in a year, including production from its investments abroad, minus the loss or degradation of natural resource capital as a reslt of prodctivity
net national product
gender equality is related to
all of the above
fist tier cities include
tokyo london and new york
firms try to locate their production facilities to
minimize costs and maximize profits
the clustering of financial firms on wall street is an example of
economic activities that increase and thereby benefit from agglomerations in particular regions are called
ancillary activities
which of the following regions is not an economic backwater
sao paolo, brazil
the idea that resources should be conser ved so that people living today can meet their needs without limiting the ability to future generations to do the same is called
sustainable development
has a long and circuitous