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movement that started an explosion of creativity in art and writting, spreading from northern italy

Good sides of the Renaissance being in italy

thriving cities, wealthy merchant class, classical heritage of rome and greece

How did city states develop in northern italy?

oversea trade boosts during the crusades

Bubonic Plague

killed 60% of the population, changing the economy & forcing people to be artists


Upper-class, had power over politics, did not inherit ranks


small italian city-state that had republican government

Cosimo de Medici

wealthy man, became dictator of Florence for 30 years

Lorenzo de Medici / Lorenzo the Magnificent

took over after cosimo's death, ruled as dictator but kept the appearance of having an elected government

Inspiration for Scholars

Roman ruins & latin manuscripts


Intellectual movement focusing on human potentials & achievements

New Pleasures

Material luxuries, good music, fine foods


Spirit of the Renaissance - living in the moment instead of always planning for the fututure

Patrons of the Arts

Church leaders that supported the spread of art financially + merchants & wealthy families making donations

Renaissance Man

Should be educated in every field

Baldassare Castiglione

Wrote 'The Courtier', teaching men how to to become a Renaissance Man

Renaissance Woman

Should be charming, knew classics, inspired arts but didnt create them, & had no influence in politics/no power

Isabella d'Este

excercised power, born in ruling family of Ferrara, married ruler of Mantua - skilled in politics


3 dimensions on a flat surface, in art

Michelangelo Buonarroti

Used realistic style when painting


Used realistic style when making sculptures

Leonardo da Vinci

True 'Renaissance Man' - painter, sculptor, inventor, scientist. -> Mona lisa & The Last Supper

Raphael Sanzio

Young, looked up to older artists. Famous for use of perspective, & filling Pope Julius II's library with paintings

Sofonisba Anguissola

1st woman to gain international reputation - known for portraits of famous kings (for example, King Philip II of spain)

Artemisia Gentileschi

Paintings of strong, heroic women. Worked with her father to create artworks

Francesco Petrarch

Earliest & most influencial humanist, + great poet

Giovanni Boccaccio

Best known for the Decameron, series of realistic stories

Niccolo Machiavelli

'The Prince', examines the imperfect of human beings

Vittoria Colonna

Born in noble family, wrote poems to her husband Marquis of Pescara while he was away in the miltary - gained fame

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