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How are Cuban illegal immigrants treated differently from Haitian illegal immigrants?

Cubans allowed to stay; Haitians must return to Haiti

Today, about how many illegal immigrants live in the U.S.?

11.3 million

What % of Haiti's GNP comes from remittances sent by Haitians living in the U.S. and Canada?

In the U.S., 15%; U.S. and Canada combined, it's 30%

The vast majority of legal agricultural workers in Canada are from what country?


What type of movement involves journeys that begin at and bring us back to our home base?


How many Mexicans legally immigrated to the U.S. between 1981 and 2002?

more than 5 million

Commuters in Washington, DC may travel up to -------- miles each way to work daily.


What travel pattern is a part of nomadic movement?

repeated time and time again

Which of the identified types of movement creates your activity space?


Going to college, commuting to work, military service, and transhumance are examples of what kind of movements?

periodic migration

What is the difference between nomadic herding and transhumance?

transhumance involves a long period of residential relocation which nomadic herding does not

What common form of periodic movement involves as many as 10 million Americans?

military service

What is migration?

long-term relocation of individuals, households, a group to a new location outside the community of origin

During the first decades of the twentieth century, where did African American families in the US migrate to?

North to work in factories; even whites went to the North during Industrial Revolution

Which US states experienced net outmigration during the 1990s and net immigration from 2000-2004?

Wyoming, Maryland, and Maine

In the US during the late twentieth century, how did internal migration streams change?

East to West and North to South

On average, how often does an American citizen move?

every 6 years

Internal migration in Peru is fairly simple with the majority of migrants moving to what place?

Lima, Peru

Irish migration to North America in the mid-1800s is an example of what kind or kinds of migration?

Both voluntary and forced aspects

How is the migration of men different from that of women?

Men are more mobile, migrate farther, and have more choices for jobs and income

The smallest number of slaves involved in the Atlantic slave trade was sent to which colonial area?

British North America

Know Ernst Ravenstein's laws of migration.
1.The majority of migrants move ----- distances.
2.The majority of international migrants are -----.
3. Most migrants are --- and ----.
4. Every migration flow creates a ---- flow.

1. short
3.young, males
4. return/counter

Moving from rural area to big city by moving to a village, then a small town, and then to a big city is an example of what form of migration?

step migration

BEtween 1788 and 1838, tens of thousands of convicts were shipped from Britain to which continent?


Ravenstein, in his study of migration, suggested that there is an inverse relationship between the volume of migration and the distance between the source and destination. That is, the # of migrants---- as the distance they know they must travel increases.


What is the model which states that spatial interaction between places (migration) is directly related to the population size and inversely related to the distance between them?

gravity model

According to Ravenstein, migrants who move longer distances tend to choose what destinations?

big cities

What push factor compelled more than 50,000 Asians to leave Uganda in 1972?

expelled by Idi Amin, dictator of Uganda

What is chain migration?

migrants move along with kinship links; one migrant settles in a place then writes, calls, or communicates through others to describe the place to family and friends who migrate there

Of the 10,000 inhabitants of the Caribbean island Montserrat, 7,000 have left the island and the remaining 3,000 have moved to the north coast of the island because of what push factor?

volcanic eruption

What is the time period when European migration to colonies reached its peak?


British colonial authorities stimulated migration of people from what region to colonies such as Singapore, Fiji, and Trinidad?

South Asia

European colonialism stimulated the movement of what group of people to the cities (islands of development) of Southeast Asia where they have become a significant minority population?


Major routes of human migration before 1950 include:
A)--- US to --- US
B) China to ---.
C) --- to Australia.

A) Eastern, Western B) the US C) Europe

Major islands of Sub-Saharan development have occurred in which African countries?

South Africa, Nigeria (3 each), rest have one each- Senegal, Sierra Leone, Cote D'Ivoire, Ghana, DR of Congo

Major concentrations of Chinese immigrants are found in which places of SE Asia?

Java, southern Malaysia, southern Vietnam

There are between --- and ---refugees from Burundi and Sudan.

300,000 and 800,000

Where was the center of the US population located in 1850 and 1990?

1850-West Virginia

What is the difference between a refugee and an internally displaced person?

Refugee has a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, member of a particular social group, or political opinion and is living outside his country. An IDP is out of the home due to war =, political or social unrest, or environmental reasons but does not cross international boundaries.

In terms of total # of refugees, what geographic realm is most severely affected by refugee problems?

Subsaharan Africa and Tropical Africa

The intervention of what country in the civil war in Afghanistan caused great #s of refugees to leave the country?

Soviet Union

One recent refugee crisis in Southwest Asia took place in 1991, when, in aftermath of the Gulf War, a group of people of northern Iraq was forced to leave their villages and flee across the Turkish and Iranian borders. Who were these people?

kurds- an ethnic group without a country

The afghan Taliban (ISlamic fundamentalists) movement, spawned in Pakistan, created a counter migration of 2.5 million Afghanis to which country when they came to power?


Today, the largest refugee #s in Southeast Asia are reported from which country?

Myanmar (Burma)

In 1995, the collapse of which European country produced the largest refugee crisis in Europe since the end of WWII?


In 1997, what was the only country in the western hemisphere that had a serious refugee problem?


Examples of a fortified barrier to migration include the Great Wall of ---, the Berlin ---, and fences along the --- River between Mexico and US.

Great Wall of China, the Berlin Wall, and the fences along the Rio Grande River

In the period from 1882-1907, the US congress passed exclusionary immigration laws designed to keep these people out of the immigration stream.


What is selective immigration?

the practice of excluding people with criminal records, health problems, or subversive political views from immigrating; countries that practice select immigration- US, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, S. Africa, and S. American countries

Since 9-11-2001, what has been the greater concern about controlling immigration?

preventing terrorism

In 2004, asylum seekers from which countries were automatically detained by the US government?

Sudan, Somalia, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, and other areas in the middle East and N. Africa

When did Israel return the occupied land of the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt?


More than --- Mexicans legally immigrated to the US between 1981-2002.

five million

What push factor stimulated migration from New Orleans and surrounding areas for the event named Katrina?


After the eruption of Sourfriere Hills Volcano in 1995, the US gave the citizens of which island "temporary protected" immigration status? When was the protected status revoked? Why?

Montserrat; revoked in 2005 because the crisis was not temporary, would last at least 10 more yrs.

What were the push factors involved in the Irish famine of the 1840s?

Blight that destroyed the potato crop-voluntary persecution by he British- forced

Which states experienced net outmigration from 1920-2004?


As a result of the Atlantic slave trade from 1702-1810, most African slaves ended up in which region?

Caribbean and Brazil

Australia prohibited immigration by --- until 1979.


In 2000, more --- immigrated to the US than Europeans.


Today, major internal migrations in the US are toward the --- and --- states.

Sunbelt, Western

Zanzibar in East Africa was a slave trading location sending African slaves into the --- culture region.


The map of modern migrations shows a movement from European--- east toward the Pacific and Southeast into Central Asia.


Internal migration of --- Indians to northern Mexican agricultural regions is a recent development in Mexico's internal migration pattern.


Why does Sri Lanka have refugee problems?

Minority group Tamils once an independent state
Majority group Sinhalese do not want to give in; caused civil war; caused tens of thousands of deaths and IDPs

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