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Skull, Vertebral Column, Thoracic Cage


most complex bony structure. Formed by the cranial and facial bones, 22 in all.


enclose and protect the fragile brain and furnish attachment sites for head and neck muscles.

Frontal Bone

forms the anterior cranium. It articulates posteriorly with the paired parietal bones via the prominent coronal suture.

Supraorbital Margins

thickened superior margins of the orbits that lie under the eyebrows

Anterior Cranial Fossa

supports frontal lobes of the brain.

Supraorbital Foramen (notch)

allows the supraorbital artery and nerve to pass to the forehead


just inferior to this the frontal bone meets the nasal bones at the frontonasal suture. Lateral areas are riddled internally with sinuses called "Frontal Sinuses".

Parietal Bones

curved,rectangular bones that form most of the superior and lateral aspects of the skull; hence they form the bulk of the cranial vault.

Coronal suture

where the parietal bones meet the frontal bone anteriorly

Sagittal Suture

where the parietal bones meet superiorly at the cranial midline

Lambdoid Suture

where the parietal bones meet the occipital bone posteriorly

Squamous suture

(one on each side). where a parietal and temporal bone meet on the lateral aspect of the skull

Occipital Bone

forms most of the skull's posterior wall and base, articulates anteriorly with the paired parietal and temporal bones via the lambdoid and occipitomastoid sutures.

Posterior Cranial Fossa

supports the cerebellum of the brain

Foramen Magnum

"large hole". through which the inferior part of the brain connects with the spinal cord. flanked by two occipital condyles.

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