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  1. Disruption of Respiratory Control
  2. RBC
  3. Platelets
  4. nucleus
  5. Exhalation
  1. a contains DNA
  2. b hemoglobin
  3. c passive process - muscles relax, chest contract, + pressure pushes air out.
  4. d - stroke / infection - alter breathing
    - toxins - affect capillaries (min volume)
    - trauma - harm medulla
  5. e form clots

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  1. inability of body to adequately circulate blood to body's cells to supple them with oxygen and nutrients = shock.

    cells hypoxic / anaerobic metabolism
  2. body attempts to compensate for any faults in the system. Chemoreceptors recognize low O2 / high CO2 levels. increase resp rate & tidal volume.
  3. swelling with movement of water. swelling associated with movement of water into interstitial space.
  4. smallest arteries that connect to capillaries
  5. - intracellular 70% (inside cells)
    - intravascular 5% (in blood)
    - interstitial 25% (btwn cells and blood vessels)

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  1. SympatheticRelax or dilate blood vessels


  2. FiO2fraction of inspired oxygen the concentration of oxygen in the air we breathe.


  3. Blood Vessel Dysfunction- trauma
    - bleeding/ swelling
    - mechanical damage


  4. medulla oblongataconverts glucose to energy (ATP) or adenosine triphosphate (metabolism)


  5. Sodium Potassium Pumpamount of blood ejected from the heart in one minute. (HR x SV)