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  1. arterioles
  2. Metabolism
  3. Sympathetic heart
  4. chemoreceptors
  5. hypoxia
  1. a low oxygen levels
  2. b smallest arteries that connect to capillaries
  3. c cellular function of converting nutrients into energy
  4. d sensors in the brain and blood vessels that identify changing levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide.
  5. e increase heart rate and strength of contraction

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  1. the amount of blood ejected from the heart in one contraction
  2. a substance that when dissolved in water separates into charged particles. helps with nerve transmission and cardiac muscle depolarization.
  3. inability of body to adequately circulate blood to body's cells to supple them with oxygen and nutrients = shock.

    cells hypoxic / anaerobic metabolism
  4. Relax or dilate blood vessels
  5. pressure within a blood vessel that tends to push water out of cell.

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  1. Sympatheticopen and clear, no obstruction, free from obstruction in airway.


  2. break down of water in bodypressure inside vessels the heart pumps against. Systemic vascular resistance. drugs, smoking, genetics. causes heart disease and stroke!


  3. hyper-hydrationtoo much water - decrease cell function


  4. Glucosecontains DNA


  5. Fluid Loss Disruption of Fluid Balanceswelling with movement of water. swelling associated with movement of water into interstitial space.