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  1. dehydrate
  2. Fluid Loss Disruption of Fluid Balance
  3. Sympathetic heart
  4. Stroke Volume
  5. Water levels controlled by 2 systems
  1. a die out - not enough water in the cell
  2. b dehydration - decrease in total amount of water in body.
  3. c increase heart rate and strength of contraction
  4. d Circulatory System and Renal System
  5. e the amount of blood ejected from the heart in one contraction

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  1. Force of contraction - how hard heart squeezes. More force = greater SV
  2. disease heart attack, heart failure, damage to electrical system, unorganized rhythms. ventricular fibrillation.
  3. creates edema
  4. amount of air breathed in during each respiration multiplied by the number of breaths per minute.

    TV x BRP = MV
  5. - volume - don't have enough to move O2/CO2
    - anemia - decrease in number of RBC and decrease ability to carry O2
    - liver failure - retain water protein

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  1. Metabolismcellular function of converting nutrients into energy


  2. Aerobic Metabolismcellular process in which oxygen is used to metabolize glucose. Energy is produced in an efficient manner with minimal waste products.


  3. Bloodtransports oxygen and carbon dioxide


  4. Nervous System Dysfunction- trauma
    - bleeding/ swelling
    - mechanical damage


  5. WBChemoglobin