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  1. Permeability
  2. Dead Air Space
  3. arterioles
  4. venues
  5. Preload
  1. a how much blood returned to the heart prior to contraction. greater filling = greater SV
  2. b smallest veins that connect to capillaries
  3. c air that occupies the space between the mouth and alveoli , but does not actually reach the area of gas exchange (~150 mL)
  4. d smallest arteries that connect to capillaries
  5. e ability to effectively transfer fluids .

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  1. die out - not enough water in the cell
  2. - organ/gland problems
    - too many hormones
    - not enough hormones
  3. the study of how disease processes affect the function of the body.
  4. high carbon dioxide levels
  5. fraction of inspired oxygen the concentration of oxygen in the air we breathe.

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  1. Parasympathetic heartdecrease heart rate and decrease contraction


  2. Disruption of Lung Tissue- Fluid loss
    - Fluid distribution
    - Edema


  3. SympatheticRelax or dilate blood vessels


  4. Blood Dysfunction- mechanical
    - electrical


  5. Hydrostatic Pressurehole - pressures can be disrupted impairing minute volume
    bleeding - force collapse wall.


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