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  1. Respiratory Pathway
  2. Mechanical Heart Dysfunction
  3. Sodium Potassium Pump
  4. Permeability
  5. Parasympathetic heart
  1. a decrease heart rate and decrease contraction
  2. b moves ions back and forth across cell membrane - needs ATP to work.
    depolarization responsible for contraction.
  3. c trauma, squeeze force. loss of cardiac muscle fxn.
  4. d ability to effectively transfer fluids .
  5. e 1) mouth/nose
    2) pharynx/nasopharynx
    3) throat
    4) pharynx
    5) trachea
    6) bronchi
    7) alveoli
    8) alveolar sac
    9) capillaries (oxygen and carbon dioxide)

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  1. oxygenated blood from lungs to heart
  2. active process - diaphragm contracts, muscles expand, negative pressure in lungs pulls air through trachea.
  3. 79% nitrogen
    21% oxygen
  4. die out - not enough water in the cell
  5. foreign bodies

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  1. Digestive System organsesophagus


  2. Necessary components in MetabolismO2, H2O, Glucose


  3. RBCfight infection


  4. Disruption of Fluid Balanceswelling with movement of water. swelling associated with movement of water into interstitial space.


  5. hypoperfusioninability of body to adequately circulate blood to body's cells to supple them with oxygen and nutrients = shock.

    cells hypoxic / anaerobic metabolism