500 SAT (Set 2)

Analogous - Assuage
analogous; adj
similar (to)
anarchy; noun
a lack of order, chaos
anathema; noun
a religious curse, the thing/person being cursed (no article)
antagonistic; adj.
in hostile competition, opposing (toward)
antiquated; adj.
too old to be useful, outdated, obsolete
antithesis; noun
apathy; noun
lack of interest or concern
apex; noun/adj.
top; highest point; summit
appease; verb
calm; pacify
arbitrary; adj.
selected by random choice and without solid reason
arcane; adj.
secret; mysterious
archaic; adj.
old, antiquated
arrogant; adj.
acting superior, obnoxious, smug, or rude
articulate; adj.
able to speak clearly and effectively
ascendance; noun
domination; controlling power
ascetic; noun
person who rejects physical comfort and luxury for self-discipline
asperity; adj.
roughness, harshness, irritability (with)
assail; verb
attack with words or force
assiduous; adj.
persistant, hardworking, diligent, attentive to detail
assuage; verb
relieve, ease, pacify