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Analogous - Assuage

analogous; adj

similar (to)

anarchy; noun

a lack of order, chaos

anathema; noun

a religious curse, the thing/person being cursed (no article)

antagonistic; adj.

in hostile competition, opposing (toward)

antiquated; adj.

too old to be useful, outdated, obsolete

antithesis; noun


apathy; noun

lack of interest or concern

apex; noun/adj.

top; highest point; summit

appease; verb

calm; pacify

arbitrary; adj.

selected by random choice and without solid reason

arcane; adj.

secret; mysterious

archaic; adj.

old, antiquated

arrogant; adj.

acting superior, obnoxious, smug, or rude

articulate; adj.

able to speak clearly and effectively

ascendance; noun

domination; controlling power

ascetic; noun

person who rejects physical comfort and luxury for self-discipline

asperity; adj.

roughness, harshness, irritability (with)

assail; verb

attack with words or force

assiduous; adj.

persistant, hardworking, diligent, attentive to detail

assuage; verb

relieve, ease, pacify

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