Being Cautious or Thrill-Seeking


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wrap your head around (something)
to be able to understand something that is difficult, surprising, or challenging to understand
never in my wildest dreams
a phrase used to emphasize that something is very unlikely and that one never thought it would happen
boggle your mind
to be very confusing, surprising, and difficult to understand or accept
in the least
even a little bit; to any extent
able to work together or able to spend time together without trouble; able to have a comfortable relationship with someone
wanting to have exciting new experiences and willing to take some risks
someone who looks for very exciting, often dangerous experiences
to become calmer, more approachable, or less exciting over time
extremely different from something else, especially when one of two related things
toe the line
to follow the rules; to do what is expected; to meet expectations
to have an adventurous bone in your body
to have interest in doing exciting, adventurous, and risky things
any of the hard parts inside a human or animal that make up its frame
tense; wanting to control oneself and one's environment; not relaxed or flexible
nervous and worried and unable to relax
careful; not willing to take risks or try new things
adrenaline rush
the good, pleasurable feeling people have when they do something very exciting, risky, and/or dangerous, especially a physical activity
something new and interesting; something that is interesting because one has never tried it before
opposites attract
a phrase used to describe how two people who are very different may enjoy spending time together and beginning a relationship, especially a romantic relationship
polar opposites
two things that are very different from each other and could not be more different