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Chapter 9 Seidel Lymphatic System

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Situation: Mario is a 16-year-old male complaining of fatigue and weakness. Listed below are data collected by the health care provider during an interview and examination.
Interview Data: Mario indicates that he keeps a busy schedule with school, basketball, and work. He has always been a good student, but he seems to be having a harder time keeping up with everything. He feels he is beginning to let his family and friends down because fatigue and weakness are interfering with his performance at school and on the basketball court. Mario does not want to quit his job because he is saving for college. When asked about other symptoms, he denies changes in appetite or abdominal problems but reports that he thinks he sometimes has a fever.
Examination Data:
General survey: Alert, thin male. Height 5 ft 7 in; weight 140 pounds.
Skin: Skin color is pink. No evidence of bruising. No skin discoloration.
Thorax: Respirations are even and unlabored, clear to auscultation. Heart rate and rhythm are regular.
Abdomen: Bowel sounds auscultated. Abdomen soft, nontender, and nondistended.
Musculoskeletal: Moves all extremities; symmetrical. Moves joints without tenderness.
Head and neck: Enlarged and firm cervical lymph nodes in the posterior triangle.
You consider the possibility of Hodgkin disease. Which other characteristic of the cervical lymph nodes would be most consistent with this diagnosis?

Gritty and warm to touch
Symmetrically enlarged on the right and left neck
Painful on movement or palpation
Matted and rubbery in consistency