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The Rise of Ancient Rome

a curved structure used as a support over an open space, as in a doorway
an ordinary citizen in the ancient Roman Republic
a structure that carries water over long distances
a person in the ancient Roman Republic appointed to rule for six months in times of emergency, with all the powers of a king
member of a wealthy family in the ancient Roman Republic
People in the ancient Roman Republic elected to lead the government.
Romans conquered territories and divided their empire into ____.
Which of the following describes the myth young Romans learned about the founding of their state?
It says that one young man killed an unjust king and built the city.
Which of the following describes the Etruscan kings of Rome?
They were all-powerful.
In the earliest days of the Roman Republic, plebeians
could not hold office or be senators.
Roman armies conquered territories controlled by which of the following?
Carthage, Greece, Gaul.
Caesar's death and his adopted son's victory marked
the last time a leader's son took power
After conquering a territory, Romans did which of the following?
They often built a new city to serve as the capital of the province
Rome enjoyed peace and prosperity
during all of the period of the five "good emperors."
Which of the following describes how Romans worshipped?
They honored gods and goddesses who often had Greek counterparts.
Which of the following describes all roads in Roman times?
They led to Rome.
Romans didn't like being ruled by an Etruscan king
but adopted parts of Etruscan culture including some gods and their alphabet.
The role of the senate in the ancient Roman Republic was to
propose and vote on laws.
A dictator was appointed in the ancient Roman Republic when
the consuls couldn't agree and it was considered an emergency
Conflicts between plebeians and patricians were a reason that
Roman generals raised armies and fought for power.
One of the reasons Caesar was killed was because he
ruled for too long and ruled like a king.
Which of the following occurred after Augustus gained power?
People were grateful for peace and prosperity and gave him power
Although the Romans took some slaves from conquered territories,
most of the conquered people remained free.
Two of the five "good emperors" were
Hadrian and Marcus Aurelius.
The new building material the Romans developed and used was
How were the attitudes and interests of the patricians and plebeians different? Provide at least two examples.
Essay question
How did the civil war after Caesar's death affect how people reacted when Augustus took power?
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