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Information Systems

The contents of cell C15 is =SUM(C3:C14). =Sum(C3:C14) is known as a(n):
The cell address of the cell at the intersection of the 5th row and the 7th column is:
an Excel workbook contains one or more worksheets.
Which of the following statements is true?
A cell reference that does not change during a copy operation is known as a(n) ________ reference.
Cell E3 contains the function =AVERAGE(A3:D3). If the contents of cell E3 are copied to cell E4, what will be the contents of cell E4?
Which of the following is considered an absolute cell reference?
Cell E3 contains the function =AVERAGE($A$3:$D$3). If the contents of cell E3 are copied to cell E4, what will be the contents of cell E4?
perform "what-if" analysis , ability to do simulation , modeling capability
All the answers below are advantages of using electronic spreadsheets. The biggest advantage is: (mark all that apply).
pie chart
You need to attend a managers meeting to justify your department's budget. The best chart to show how your department's expenses compare to the total company's expenses would be:
line chart
As marketing manager for Acme Products, you want to show sales figures for your four product lines. You want to compare sales revenues for the past six months in the hopes of spotting any buying patterns. The best chart to show this would be a:
operating system
Every computer needs to have an:
The many facts that together describe a company's status. Defined another way - collected facts, generally not useful for decision making without further processing.
Strong written and oral communicators
As discussed in class, what is the top student trait most desired by employers.
transferring information from a sender to a receiver.
Communication is the process of
an e-mail message from a sales manager to a salesperson asking for a report on travel expenses for a trade show.
An example of internal communication would be
an e-mail from a salesperson to a customer.
An example of external communication would be
a sales manager giving instructions to a salesperson.
An example of downward communication flow is
tap into it to spread and receive informal messages.
When it comes to the informal communication network, smart managers should
has an idea. , decides what to say.
In the first step of the communication process, the sender
putting it into a message that your receiver will understand.
Encoding an idea refers to
problems with external noise.
Bad connections, poor acoustics, and illegible text are all examples of
don't send unnecessary messages.
To make your communication more effective,
more likely to believe the nonverbal message.
If a person says one thing but sends a conflicting message nonverbally, people are
oral media., written media.,electronic media., all of the above
When choosing the appropriate medium for your message, your choices include
When you must reach a dispersed audience quickly, which media are most effective?
a face-to-face meeting.
As a new supervisor, you need to introduce yourself to your local team of ten employees. The best medium for this type of nonroutine message would be
Gender of the audience
Which of the following is not an important factor to consider when choosing a medium for your message?
its lack of privacy.
One drawback of using e-mail is
all the associations and feelings the word evokes (i.e. meanings people add to words).
The connotative meaning of a word is
application software
Software designed to perform a specific user-requested application such as spreadsheets.
inferences, word-meaning confusion, differing perceptions, nonverbal messages
Which of the following are examples of causes of miscommunications? (mark all that apply)
determining your purpose
analyzing your audience
establishing a logical order
all the above are part of the writing process
Which of the following is not part of the writing process?
it's dictionary meaning
The dennotative meaning of a word is:
A collection of elements that are related in some definable way.