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Fish In A Tree


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Describe herself
What is Ally being asked to do that she doesn't want to do? (Ch. 1)
For the new teacher
Why is Ally being asked to describe herself? (Ch. 1)
She scribbles on her desk
Why does Ally's teacher threaten to send her to the office? (Ch. 1)
What does Ally write on her paper? (Ch. 1)
Ally Nickerson
Who is the main character? (Ch. 1)
What kind of card does Ally give Mrs. Hall? (Ch. 2)
She can't read.
Why does Ally give Mrs. Hall a sympathy card? (Ch. 2)
Who is Mrs. Silver? (Ch. 3)
new teacher
Who is Mr. Daniels? (Ch. 3)
A poster on the wall
What does Mrs. Silvers ask Ally to read in her office? (Ch. 3)
What is Ally good at? (Ch. 4)
Sketchbook of Impossible Things
What does Ally name her sketchbook? (Ch. 4)
from Alice in Wonderland
Where does Ally get the name for her sketchbook? (Ch. 4)
Her dad is in the military.
Why has Ally's family moved so much? (Ch. 4)
Ally's brother
Who is Travis? (Ch. 5)
open up Nickerson Restoration--he likes to fix things
What does Ally's brother want to do with his life? (Ch. 5)
That's the year Grandfather was born
Why does Travis choose 1933 coins to purchase? (Ch. 6)
young and funny
What is Mr. Daniels like? (Ch. 7)
write a paragraph
What does Ally refuse to do for Mr. Daniels? (Ch. 8)
That he's not going to send Ally to the office
What does Mr. Daniels mean by "What happens in Room 206 stays in Room 206"? (Ch. 8)
1943 steel penny
What does Ally bring to tell about herself in class? (Ch. 9)
her dad
Who gave the penny to Ally? (Ch. 9)
to remind her that she's unique and that everything will return to normal when he gets home
Why does Ally's dad give her the penny? (Ch. 9)
ear-pulling signal to tell him that's enough
What signal does Mr. Daniels have with Oliver? (Ch. 9)
What does Mr. Daniels ask the students to write in their writing journals? (Ch. 10)
What color is Ally's journal? (Ch. 10)
A dark box that represents a dark room because she'd rather be invisible
What does Ally "write" in her journal? (Ch. 10)
because he has cut out the backs of shoes
Why do Shay and Jessica make fun of Albert? (Ch. 11)
because she has gone along with Shay and Jessica for making fun of Albert
Why does Ally feel bad? (Ch. 11)
Who stands up for the kids being made fun of? (Ch. 13)
She accidentally knocks a flower from her bouquet
What makes Keisha cry? (Ch. 13)
Gives Keisha half of hers
What does Ally do when a flower falls from Keisha's bouquet? (Ch. 13)
because she has figured out what's in the box; no one ever has
Why does Mr. Daniels "high five" Ally? (Ch. 14)
a cupcake
What does Keisha bring Ally? (Ch. 15)
What does the cupcake say on the inside? (Ch. 15)
puts her arm in a sling
What does Ally do so she won't have to write? (Ch. 16)
she fell down the stairs after tripping over her cat Pork Chop
What does Ally tell Mr. Daniels happened to her arm? (Ch. 16)
What does Mr. Daniels tell Ally she can do instead of writing? (Ch. 16)
Keisha and Albert
Who does Ally sit with at lunch? (Ch. 17)
Island of Misfit Toys
What does Shay call Ally, Keisha, and Albert? (Ch. 17)
It is an immortal genius from Star Trek.
Why does Albert like his "Flint" shirt so much that he wears every day? (Ch. 18)
From boys who beat him up
Where does Albert get his bruises? (Ch. 19)
Ally grabbed a hunk of her cake in response to Shay's grabbing and eating Ally's cheese crackers--but Shay never really did that--Ally found the crackers later in her pocket.
Why does Shay not like Ally? (Ch. 19)
an old green car
What does Travis buy? (Ch. 20)
windshield wipers--he rigs it with a rope that Ally pulls
What breaks on Travis's car right away and how does Travis fix it? (Ch. 20)
Shay--makes fun of her
Who sees Ally doing this and what does this person do to Ally the next day? (Ch. 20)
because everyone does
Why does Ally get invited to Shay's party? (Ch. 21)
A butterfly party
What kind of party is Shay's party? (Ch. 21)
She tries to catch a butterfly to make a wish on it--the butterfly gets injured and can't fly
What happens to Ally at Shay's party? (Ch. 21)
purple--the color of royalty
What color is Shay's new sweater? (Ch. 22)
snail slime
What does Albert tell Shay the color in her sweater comes from? (Ch. 22)
alone and lonely
What words does Ally define? (Ch. 23)
a fictional character they consider a hero
What does Mr. Daniels ask the students to write about? (Ch. 24)
Roy G. Biv
What fictional character does Ally write about? (Ch. 24)
white--all colors combine to form it
What is Ally's favorite color and why? (Ch. 24)
Oliver--he wants to give it to the bus driver
Who takes Ally's color wheel? (Ch. 24)
friendship bracelets
What does Ally find out Shay is charging people for? (Ch. 24)
What does Ally win an award for? (Ch. 25)
She knows it's a "pity" award and that she doesn't deserve it.
Why does Ally run from the room when she receives an award? (Ch. 25)
Who follows Ally when she runs away to the restroom? (Ch. 26)
That the three of them--Ally, Keisha, and Albert--stand OUT--they don't fit IN
What does Keisha say to Ally? (Ch. 26)
bake cookies
What does Keisha invite Ally and Albert to do? (Ch. 27)
What word does Ally spell when rolling out the cookie dough? (Ch. 27)
play chess
What does Mr. Daniels tell Ally he'll teach her to after school? (Ch. 28)
excuse her from homework
If she stays after school, what will Mr. Daniels do for Ally besides teaching her to play chess? (Ch. 28)
Noah Webster home
Where does Ally's class take a field trip? (Ch. 29)
What did Noah Webster invent? (Ch. 29)
Shay draws a picture of Ally in a dunce cap.
What does Shay do to make Ally cry? (Ch. 29)
reading specialist
Who is Miss Kessler? (Ch. 30)
special education
What is Mr. Daniels getting a degree in? (Ch. 31)
his business prospect is not looking good
What is Travis bummed about when talking to his dad on Skype? (Ch. 32)
What word does Mr. Daniels help Ally "break down"? (Ch. 33)
He has no food in his refrigerator.
What do Ally and Keisha find out about Albert? (Ch. 34)
He tells the sub to tell Ally she can draw a picture instead of write a paragraph--in front of the whole class.
Why does Ally lose trust in Mr. Daniels? (Ch. 35)
Who solves the problem with the wolf, the chicken, and the grain? (Ch. 37)
Ally--to run against Shay
Who does Shay nominate to run for class president? (Ch. 38)
Who wins the race for class president? (Ch. 39)
because Shay's mother is so overbearing
Why does Ally feel sorry for Shay? (Ch. 40)
Who has supposedly written Ally a letter? (Ch. 41)
Who really wrote the letter to Ally? Ch. 41)
Shay steps on an ant
What upsets Oliver? (Ch. 42)
create matching shirts--Ally's says "Steel" and Keisha's says "Magnesium"--together they create fire (to set the world on fire with)
What do Ally and Keisha do to let Albert know they are allies? (Ch. 43)
for her book project
Why is Mr. Daniels proud of Ally? (Ch. 44)
Ally--the Flying Tiger; Keisha--the Baby; Albert--the Elephant
What are Albert's nicknames for Ally, Keisha, and himself? (Ch. 46)
They all have dyslexia.
What do all the famous people Mr. Daniels presents to the class have in common? (Ch. 47)
A code to break like reading with dyslexia
What does Mr. Daniels give the students for homework? (Ch. 47)
a paperweight with "Never, never, never quit."--Winston Churchhill
What does Mr. Daniels give to Ally? (Ch. 47)
Who apologizes to Ally? (Ch. 48)
says he sees letters backwards, too...but they are letters that are the same backwards and forwards
What trick does Albert play on Shay? (Ch. 48)
a block with the letter "A" for Ally, amazing, and admiration
What does Suki give Ally? (Ch. 48)
protecting Ally and Keisha
What makes Albert finally fight the bullies? (Ch.50)
"Sometimes the bravest thing you can do is ask for help."--C. Connors
What does the poster say in Mrs. Silvers's office? (Ch. 51)
Student of the Month
What award does Ally win at the end of the book? (Ch. 51)
Mr. Daniels is going to help Travis learn to read, too.
What help does Ally get for Travis? (Ch. 51)