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Neuroanatomy Unit II


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precentral gyrus
superior and lateral surface of cortex
anterior paracentral gyrus
surrounding central sulcus
superior frontal sulcus
inferior frontal sulcus
superior frontal gyrus
middle frontal gyrus
inferior frontal gyrus
posterior aspect of inferior frontal gyrus
cingulate gyrus
both frontal and parietal lobes, limbic system
parietal lobe
postcentral gyrus, posterior paracentral gyrus, cingulate gyrus
posterior paracentral gyrus
surrounding central sulcus on posterior aspect
occipital lobe
calcarine sulcus, cuneus, lingula
calcarine sulcus
midsagittal cut
wedge shape between parieo-occipital sulcus and calcarine
little tongue between calcarine and collateral sulcus
temporal lobe
superior temporal gyrus, middle temporal gyrus, inferior temporal gyrus, superior temporal sulcus, parahippocampal gyrus, uncus
superior temporal gyrus
middle temporal gyrus
inferior temporal gyrus
superior temporal sulcus
parahippocampal gyrus
inferior of temporal lobe, hippocampus lies deep
enlargement on parahippocampal gyrus, amygdala found here
frontal lobe cortical areas
primary motor cortex, supplementary motor area/premotor area, brocca's area
primary motor cortex
voluntary motor movement
supplementary motor area
higher order motor cortex, influences proximal musculature
broccas area
on operculum, motor speech (speech production)
parietal lobe cortical areas
primary somatosenory cortex, sensory association areas/posterior parietal cortex
primary somatosensory cortex
located postcentral gyrus, most sensory body functions
sensory association areas/posterior parietal cortex
somatic sensation more anterior and visual stimuli more posterior
gustatory cortex
located in parietal lobe responsible for taste
occipital lobe cortical areas
primary visual cortex, visual association areas
primary visual cortex
responsible for vision, upper and lower banks of calcarine sulcus
visual association areas
surround the primary visual cortex
temporal lobe cortical areas
primary auditory cortex, auditory association area, wernickes area, olfactory cortex
primary auditory cortex
location on superior temporal gyrus, hearing
wernickes area
located on superior temporal gyrus, comprehension of written and spoken words
olfactory cortex
vestibular cortex
located on posterior portion of insula, equilibrium and balance