Chapter 8 Theology Review

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-Altar: A table of sacrifice where the Liturgy of the Eucharist is celebrated.
-Confessional: A closet-like box or a confessional room where priest hears confessions.
-Crucifix: Each Catholic Church will have a crucifix near the altar. It is a reminder of the sacrifice of Christ, which brings us our salvation.
-Easter Candle: Representing the light of Christ, it is lit for the first time a the Easter Vigil. It is used in all Masses throughout the Easter season and on other occasions, such as baptism.
-Kneelers: A short, sometimes padded bench, slightly elevated from the floor, which allows the faithful to kneel more comfortably at Mass.
-Missalettes: these are small booklets that contain the prayers, songs, and Scripture readings that will be used at Mass.
-Pulpit or Ambo: The Rambo is a raised stand used for reading the Scriptures. Some churches have an elevated pulpit, which may be used for reading the Gospel and for the homily.
-Sacristy: This is a small room off the sanctuary where the investments and sacred objects used in Mass are kept.
-Sanctuary: A part of the Church, often elevated, where the altar is situated. Because the priest celebrated Mass in the sanctuary, it is considered the most holy part of the church building. In the Eastern churches, the sanctuary is separated from the rest of the church by an iconostasis.
-Tabernacle: Of Old Testament origin, the Tabernacle was the dwelling place of god. It is used in a Catholic church as a receptacle to reserve the Blessed Sacraments, the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ.