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Pawnee tribe


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Pawnee location and climate
Great Plains Missouri River in Nebraska and Kansas Oklahoma later moved to registration warm summers cold winters
Pawnee food
Fish animals farm corn pumpkins beans squash cooked buffaloes deer
Pawnee shelter
Villages of large wooden lodges earthen teepees temporary
Pawnee clothing
Deer skin skirts Pancho like blouses Men Breech cloths and leather leggings man wore buckskin shirts moccasins buffalo robes or shirts feather like headrests
The Pawnee Native Americans are originally people from______and______
Nebraska and Kansas
Most paweens lived in_____ today
In the past Pawnee children had more ____ and less time to____in their daily lives
work and play
A .Pawnee mother traditionally carried a young child in a ________ on her back
Pawnee man were ______ and sometimes went to war to protect their families
The Pawnee built their villages near _____
Pawnee _____ were made from wooden frames covered with Packed soil
Men wore ________and _______leggings
Breechclothes leather
Pawnees wore _____on their feet