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Chapter 10 review


small tax

lay investure

lay church ruler's symbols


spiritual weapon forbidding priests from giving sacraments to a certain group of people

Hildigard of Bingen

1st important woman composer who became abbess of female religious house and contributed to Gregorian Chant (music)


free peasants or peasants legally bound to land


a person of noble or high rank




Holy Court/ method of dealing with accused heretics

St. Thomas Aquinas

wrote Summa Theologica and tried to reconcile with Aristotle with Doctrine of Christianity

King Henry V

English king who won Battle of Agincourt


annual direct land tax


heavy wheeled plow

investure controversy

conflict between Henry IV and Grregory VII

St. Francis of Assisi

wealthy italian merchant who founded Franciscans and preached and lived among people

Dominique de Gusman

spanish priest, founded dominicans and defended the church teachings from heresy


tried to reconcile faith and reason


language of everyday speech in region (ex: troubadour poetry)

Joan of Arc

French peasant woman who had visions to be part of French army and imspired them

reason for 100 years' war

land of Gascony

English weapon in 100 years' war


France weapon in 100 years' war


Louis XI's nickname

Spider (devious)

1st Tudor King

Henry VII

Ivan III

rid Russia of Mongol Influence


agricultural estate run by lord and peasants

John Hus

led a group of Czech reformers to end clergy's corruption of excessive power but accused of heresy and burned

characteristic in gov. elections during middle ages


black death

most devastating natural disaster in European history (ex. Bubonic pague)

where French popes lived


with 2 popes

great schism

what people drank in Mid. Ages


barter economy

exchange of goods and services

money economy

exchange of amount of currency equal to worth of good


stage of learning/practicing art


experienced worker

master craftsman

after completing a masterpiece

papal states

territories pope's gained that kept them in political matters

concordat of worms

agreement between Henry IV and Gregory VII

the religious orders

(b,c,d,f) bishops, cistercians, dominicans, franciscans


bones or objects of a saint, worthy of worship, believed to connect earth with God

troubadour poetry

most popular vernacular literature--nobles and knights

gothic architecture

round barrel vault (then ribbed vault w/ pointed arches) with thin walls w/ stained glass (higher than Romanesque)

romanesque architecture

basilica shape (rectangular) but used stone roof w/ massive pillars

ferdinand and isabella's nickname

known as "most catholic monarchs"


denial of basic church doctrines

commercial capitalism

investment of money into large batches of goods in order to make a profit on the market

patron Saint of Children

Saint Nicholas (santa claus)

most holy shrine for mid. eastern christians

Holy City (Jerusalem)

chasson de geste

heroic epic--battles and political contests


hostility towards Jews (after Bubonic plague)

new monarchies

recovery (after hundred years' war) in Spain, England, and France

secular symbols for church officials

earthly and spiritual office

1st European university


low countries where Flanders was located

(BENELUX) Belgium, Netherlands, Lextington

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