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Gov Ch. 3

The Constitution

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What was the Mayflower Compact and why was it necessary?
A system of government in order to work together for a good society.
What does the phrase, "We the People", in the US constitution mean?
It is the foundation that the US gov is based off the people.
Popular Sovereignty
Consent of the governed.
What are the principles the constitution is based on that ensure popular sovereignty?
1. Limited Government (what gov can/t do)
2. Majority rule with minority right
3. Powers of the People (Bill of rights/ freedoms)
6 goals of the US constitution
1. Form a more perfect union
2. Establish Justice
3. Insure domestic tranquility
4. Provide for the common defense
5. Promote the general welfare
6. Secure the blessings of liberty
How does federal government divide power?
Federal (National) and State government
Introduction that explains why the constitution way written
Explain delegated powers and give examples
Powers specifically given to the national gov. (enumerated powers)
Explain reserved powers and give examples
Powers specifically given to the states or not given to the federal gov.
Explain concurrent powers and give examples.
Powers given to both the federal and state governments.
Why did the framers separate the powers of government?
They were afraid of any branch becoming too powerful.
What is the function of the legislative branch?
Create laws and decides how to spend money.
What is the function of the executive branch?
Interpret laws.
What is the function of the judicial branch?
Executes/ enforces the law
What Article of the US constitution creates congress?
Article 1
Checks and Balances
The equal distribution of powers and limits on power
How does the legislative branch use checks and balances?
(Congress) can impeach, veto, control money, and approve treaties.
How does the executive branch use checks and balances?
(President) can veto bills, appoint judges, and grant pardons.
How does the judicial branch use checks and balances?
Can declare executive acts unconstitutional and declare congress unconstitutional.
to reject
Does the veto power enable the President to stop any law passed by congress?
No, because his veto may be overridden by the legislative branch.
Judicial Review
It is up to the courts to review the acts of the other branches of government and decide whether the government has acted correctly.
What court case est Judicial Review
Marbury vs. Madison (1803)
2 ways the constitution can be changed
1. Amendment
2. Interpretation (Evolving over time, acceptance, tradition)
Which article in the US constitution outlines the process for making amendments?
Article 5
Explain 2 ways an amendment may be proposed
1. congress having 2/3 vote in both houses
2. 2/3 of states ask for a convention to draft amendments.
What are 2 ways an amendment can be ratified?
1. 2/3 of state legislatures
2. States having ratifying convention
What fraction of states must proposed amendments be approved by?
3/4 (38 states)
How many amendments are there?
What does repeal mean? What is it most famous in?
To cancel. Most famous is 21st repealing the 18th.