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The career genogram is a qualitative assessment that is used to help clients tell their stories. It provides a format and process for drawing a picture of a client's family over three generations. It is an adaptation of Bowen's work with family counseling.

It's particularly useful because it provides a direct and relevant framework for use with clients to shed light on many topics, including their worldviews, possible environmental barriers, personal-work-family role conflicts, racial identity statuses and issues and levels of acculturation.

It also has substantial face validity for clients because it provides them with an opportunity to tell their stories within the career counseling context. First a rationale is created so that clients can be understood best in the context of their sociological, psychological, cultural and economic heritage-(their family)

Step 1: Purpose
- Share with clients purpose of genogram. Explain that the career genogram will provide them with insight into such issues as the career, work, gender, and cultural socialization they experienced while growing up; environmental barriers, if any; and how they have integrated and dealt with various life roles.

Step 2: Construction
- Explain to the client how to construct their own career genograms

Step 3: Analysis
- Once your client's career genograms have been constructed and information (birthdates, deaths, divorces, occupations, etc.) about family members etc. Then ask client about their upbringing and life story.