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Kitchen Tools, Equipment and Paraphernalia


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the method of preparing food for consumption by the use of heat
the act of cleaving, dividing, pairing, shaping, or trimming
a room specially set apart that contains the necessary tools and utensils for preparing and cooking food
combining two or more ingredients in a manner wherein they are evenly distributed or dispersed
the process of making ingredients ready for cooking
a vessel, tool, or implement serving a useful purpose, especially for cooking purposes
measuring cups for dry ingredients
are nested that come in various sizes of different volumes
measuring cups for liquids
are standardized measure cups designed for liquid measurements
measuring spoons
are used to measure smaller quantities of liquid and dry ingredients. They are also standardized and come in different sizes.
is an instrument used to measure the temperature of a substance, of the food being cooked, and the oven used in cookings
is a device used to measure cooking period
weighing scale
is a device used to measure weight quantities of needed ingredients
cutting tools
are metallic implements with sharp edges. They are used to divide food into different size and shapes by slicing, carving, chopping, mincing, and grinding them.
cutting boards
are wooden or plastic boards on which food or food ingredients are placed for chopping, cutting, or slicing
dough cutter
is used in cutting yeast bread doughs
egg slicer
is used in slicing boiled eggs
food processor
is a multitasking device with different attachments used in preparing dips and spreads, pureeing fruits and vegetables for soups and sauces, shredding cheese, grinding meat, cereals, nuts, etc.
cheese grater
is made of plastic or stainless steel with perforation used in shredding cheeses
papaya grater
are very similar to the cheese grater, but the perforations are bigger. It is used in grating papaya, chayote, carrots, and other vegetables for pickling purposes
kitchen knives
are tools with one sharp edge and a pointed end set in a handle and used for different purposes such as slicing, boning, chopping, dicing, filleting, carving, peeling, and turning
kitchen shears
are used in trimming of the fins and tail of a fish. They can also be used in cutting long items like sotanghon noodles
are the sharp-edged tool used in removing the skin or outer covering of vegetables, fruits, and root crops
pizza cutter
is a tool used in dividing the pizza into smaller pieces before serving
mixing tools
are used to combine two or more ingredients by beating stirring and whipping. The utensils serve as container for the food while the tools are used to agitate the ingredients to distribute or disperse them evenly
is a container or vessel for food mixing. It comes in different sizes.
is an automatic electrical kitchen tool used for mixing, blending, and preparing shakes
electric mixer
is an electrical kitchen equipment used in mixing ingredients by beating, stirring, or whipping.
pastry blender
is a tool used to cut in shortening into flour. It is made of steel wires attached to a plastic handle
rotary egg beater
is a manual tool used in beating eggs or cream
utility fork and spoon
are implements used to mix small quantities of ingredients and are used for other purposes
wire whisk
is used for beating eggs, butter, and cream and sugar
wooden spoon
is a big spoon made of wood used in creaming fats, and mixing and stirring food
special use tools
are designed for a particular purpose, most of them are simple and commonly used
apple corer
is used to remove the innermost part or core of an apple containing its seeds
can opener
is used to open tin cans
is used for washing vegetables and draining rinsed cooked noodles
is a more or less deep bowl with a handle used to transfer liquids from one container to another
is used to hold flour, salt, or pepper mixture used in coating fish or poultry while shaking
egg separator
is used to separate its yolk from the albumen
food tongs
are implements used to hold food items before, during, and after cooking
is a cone-shaped tool with a tube or pipe at the end used in pouring liquids, and granulated ingredients into narrow-mouthed containers
Juice extractor
is used to squeeze out juice from fruits or vegetables
Knife rack
is a rack used to hold knives
knife sharpener
is used to maintain the cutting condition of the knife
mortar and pestle
are paired utensils used in powdering, pounding, and crushing peppercorns, garlic, nuts, and others
Pasta spoon or server
is used for scooping cooked noodles to transfer to a serving plate without any mess
Slotted spoon
can be used for short pastas
Potato masher
is used for mashing cooked potatoes, turnips, carrots, or other soft-cooked vegetables
Rubber scraper
is a tool used in scraping food that stick to the bowl or pan during mixing or after pouring into the cooking vessel
is a flexible bladed tool that is used for various purposes
Large spatula
used to apply icing or frosting
Small spatula
loosen cookies from pans
is used to remove dirt or lumps from dry ingredients, also used to combine dry ingredients and extract milk from desiccated coconuts
two-tined fork
used to hold meats while slicing tem
utility tray
is used in assembling ingredients during the food preparation stage
cooking tools and equipment
are necessary in preparing food using heat
barbecue grill
is a cooking equipment used in broiling fish, meat, or vegetables like corn and sweet potato
basting spoon
used to gather and pour back the liquid at the bottom of the pan over the meat during roasting
is a cooking vessel used purposely for deep-fat frying
different sizes used according to food quantity requirements
custard molds
used for cooking custard mixture by steaming
double boiler
used in making chocolate frosting to avoid scorching
frying pan
cooking food in a small amount of fat
is a metallic vessel for boiling water
long-handled, stirring food while cooked and serving liquid food
pressure cooker
airtight container, cooking food in high temperature under high pressure
rice cooker
is an electric pot especially designed for steaming rice
cooking sauces and gravies
is a vessel in which food is cooked using steam generated by boiling water
used for turning food while cooking
egg poacher
enable eggs to be easily cooked in boiling water, milk, or other liquids
shallow pan used for cooking thin cakes
waffle iron
cooking waffles or crisp cakes
baking pans
flat metal molders and containers with straight side that are more or less one inch deep
cake cooler
wire-mesh rack wherein cakes or cookies is placed to cool
cookie sheet
flat rectangular metal sheet with rolled edges used especially for baking cookies, biscuits, and bread
custard cups
heat resistant cups made of porcelain or glass used in baking individual custard
jelly roll pan
one inch deep baking pan with straight sides for making thing sponge cakes
muffin pan
baking pan formed by connecting cups used for muffins or cupcakes
pie pan
usually made of heat-conducting materials used for holding and shaping the dough and filling of a pie
ring mold
round torus-shaped mold used for delicate desserts such as cakes, custards, jellies, and gelatines
bread toaster
small oven, used for toasting bread
deep fryer
frying food in great amounts of fat or oil
enclosed chamber used for dry heat cooking (like baking) that may be fueled by liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) or electricity
fueled by LPG or electricity used for cooking or heating food
roasting equipment with a rotating device that turns meat or fish over the source of heat so that all sides are cooked evenly
roasting pan
is a pan with sturdy handles used for roasting food in a conventional gas or electric oven
is an equipment with a low-temperature internal atmosphere intended for storing semi-perishable foods like eggs, fruits, vegetables, milk, butter, cheese, and leftovers
is a part of refrigerator wherein freezing temperature is maintained for the purpose of preserving perishable food such as meat, fish, and poultry, and for freezing ice creams
is a machine for cooling something, especially a cold cabinet or refrigerator for keeping stored food a few degrees above freezing. For home use, this is a drawer under the freezer where processed meats are kept