11 terms

English 1 first test

a story meant to frighten the reader
a story in which a detective (professional/amateur) tries to solve a crime
the WRITERS attitude towards a topic
how a story makes YOU feel
when the events in a story turn out in a way that the reader does not expect
point of view
the vantage point from which an author presents a story
3rd person omniscient
the author seems to serve as an all knowing maker of the story
3rd person limited
the story is told from the vantage point of one character in the story who tells how he or she experienced it (uses he or she to reference people/ or by name)
1st person
a character in the story may tell the story as he or she experienced it using "1"
internal conflict
a conflict that takes place within a characters mind.
Not visual or tangible opposition
a character dealing with his or her own mixed feelings or emotion
EX: character must decide between right/wrong or between 2 solutions to a problem
known as Man vs Himself
external conflict
a struggle between a character and an outside force
The outside force-Community, another person, and outside force/nature
not a physical fight, battle of ideas
known as man vs man, man vs society, man vs nature, man vs fate (destiny)