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  1. benefit payments
  2. tariff
  3. deductions
  4. national debt
  5. $10000
  1. a an import tax
  2. b claimed for charitable contributions and business expenses by taxpayers.
  3. c largest cost to the Federal Government
  4. d the total amount of money that the government has borrowed, plus interest
  5. e give money over this amount and pay a gift tax

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  1. when revenue equals expenditures
  2. income a business has left after paying expenses
  3. a tax on gas, alcohol and luxury items
  4. a careful examination by trained accountants of every item of income and expenditure
  5. stocks, bonds, jewelry, cars and boats that may be taxed

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  1. exemptionsclaimed for charitable contributions and business expenses by taxpayers.


  2. progressive taxa tax that takes a larger percentage of income from higher income groups than from lower income groups


  3. Social Securitytax used to pay people with disabilities and retired people


  4. interestsmall payments charged for licenses


  5. executive branchresponsible for proposed national budget