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Greenberg - Unit 4 The Roaring Twenties

prejudice agianst foreign born people
policy of pulling away from involvement in world affairs
1 party control, political and economic system where government controls everything
Did a communist party form in the US?
What was the red scare?
panic in th US
Why was it called the red scare?
scared of communism and the communist flag is red
believe in no government
What were the palmer raids?
hunted down suspected communists, anarchists and socialists
What was the results of the palmer raids?
government deported 100s of radicals, civil rights of many were violated
What was the significance of Sacco and Vanzetti?
caused o fear of foreigners in the US
Who were Sacco and Vanzetti?
itailian immigrants who were executed for murder and robber
Who were the KKK's targets?
african americans, republicans, jewish and catholic immigrants
What was the KkK devoted to
100% americanism
What was the Emergency Quota Act of 1921?
system establishedthe maximum number of people who could enter the US from each country
During the Qquota what nationality was forbidden to enter the US?
What happened after WWI to all of the workers?
they went on strike
Who did employers attempt to link the strikers with?
anarchists and communists
Why did the labor movemnet lose appeal?
immigrants were willing ot work in poor conditions, most unions excluded african americans, union couldnt organize immigrants because of language barrier, farmers relyed on themselves already
What did Warren Harding mean by normalcy?
wanted america to return to the peaceful time before WWI and the srtikes and violence
What was the Kellogg - Briand Pact
outlawed war...60 nations signed
How did the Fordney - McCumber Tariff prevent the selling of goods?
tariff on imported goods raised by 60%
What was the Dawes plan?
US loans money to Germany to pay to france and GB so they could pay back the US.
What happened in Hardings cabinet?
Hardings corrupt friends use their offices to steal and become wealthy
Albert Fall
first cabinet member to go to jail
Wwho took over for Harding?
What happend to Harding?
he had a heart attack
What was Hardings and Coolidges goal with the policies?
allow private enterprise to flurish
What changed about the American Landscape after cars?
Route 66 constructed, garages and driveways, rapid construction of gas stations, shopping centers, and motels
What were the changes for people after cars?
urban sprawl, live further from work (suburbs), more independence for young.
Charles Lindbergh
1st person to fly solo across the atlantic
Amelia Earhart
famous woman aviator - tried to fly around the world, she went missing
What company used planes for business?
the post office
What was the significance of the new household appliances?
gave people more free time
Installment Plan
put some money down and then a little more own every month until paid off
What was superficial prosperity?
on the surface the economy looked strong but it was actually having problems
What was different about living in the city?
more immigrants lived there, there were movie theaters, vaudeville shows, more toleration for sinful behavior
What was considered sinful behavior?
casual dating, drinking, gambling
What was the 18th amendment?
prohibition - making, selling or transporting alcohol
What did reformers think that prohibition would get rid of?
crime, health issues and money problems
Why was it so difficult to enforce prohibition?
not enough officers to enforce the law
When was alcohol legal to use during prohibition?
medicine, religious ceremonies
What were bootleggers?
they were people who smuggled liquor in their boots (aka rumrunners)
Al Capone
ruled chicago, aka scar face
believe whole bible
Billy Sunday
popular fundamentalist preacher
What major scientific theory did fundamentalism reject?
the theory of evolution
What law was passed in Tennessee because of fundamentalism?
it was illegal to teach evolution and had to teach creationism.
John T Scopes
was arrested for teaching Darwin's theory on purpose.
What was Scopes trial famous for?
the cross examination of bryan (the prosecutor)
What was a flapper?
an emancipated young lady who embraced new fashions
What changed about marriage?
more of a partnership
What was the double standard toward dating>?
men can go on lots of dates but girls cant
Why did women have new roles in the workplace?
booming industrial economy and time saving appliances.
What was the significance of birth control?
decrease in birth rate
why was it a problem that children had more time for leisure?
they were afraid the kids would get into trouble with all the free time
What were problems schools faced?
rising cost of education, teaching immigrant children
Why was there an increase in education?
schools were no longer catered to those who were college bound.
What was a powerful communications medium that started?
Where did Lindbergh leave from and land?
new york to paris
What was the first major movie with sound?
the jazz singer
George Gershwin
famous jazz composer
Georgia O'Keeffe
artist. paintings of skylines
F. Scott Fitzgerald
wrote the great gatsby
Ernest Hemingway
wrote a farewell to arms
Sinclair Lewis
1st american to win nobel prize for literature
What was the great migration?
movement of african americans to urban areas
What was the NAACP?
civil rights organization.