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  1. echar carnes
  2. lo mismo da
  3. tengo una tía que toca la guitarra
  4. quemarse las pestañas
  5. allá a las quinientas
  1. a once in a blue moon
  2. b it makes no difference
  3. c don't change the subject
  4. d to burn the midnight oil/study hard
  5. e to get fat

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  1. leap year
  2. meanwhile
  3. in installments
  4. by the way
  5. to go halvsies/ 50/50

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  1. no nos debemos nadawe are even


  2. ni con muchonot by a long shot


  3. día tras díaday after day


  4. de cabo a raboto flatter someone


  5. al pan, pan; al vino, vinotomorrow is another day