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  1. echar papas
  2. echar de menos
  3. hay gato encerrado
  4. entre paréntesis
  5. perder el juicio
  1. a by the way
  2. b to fib
  3. c to go crazy
  4. d there is more than meets the eye
  5. e to miss

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  1. from beginning to end
  2. no sooner said than done
  3. on the other hand
  4. in installments
  5. to flirt

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  1. su punto flacohis weakness


  2. tengo una tía que toca la guitarradon't change the subject


  3. ¿a qué viene eso?what is the point of that?


  4. allá a las quinientasto rain cats and dogs


  5. dar jabón ato ditch