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  1. dar en el calvo
  2. aprendiz de todo y oficial de nada
  3. no se trata de eso
  4. dar por supuesto
  5. dar esquinazo
  1. a to take for granted
  2. b to ditch
  3. c jack of all trade, master of none
  4. d to hit the nail on the head
  5. e that's not the point

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  1. by the way
  2. to play hooky
  3. unavoidable
  4. there is more than meets the eye
  5. once in a while

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  1. tener cosquillasimmediately


  2. abogado de mala causaout of style/date


  3. ¿a qué viene eso?leap year


  4. de improvisounexpectedly


  5. por mi parteapparently


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