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  1. andarse con rodeos
  2. entre paréntesis
  3. disculpa pobre
  4. la gota que derrama el vaso
  5. lo mismo da
  1. a it makes no difference
  2. b lame excuse
  3. c by the way
  4. d to beat around the bush
  5. e the last straw

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  1. to be ticklish
  2. something is wrong/the coast is not clear
  3. it serves me right
  4. nevermind
  5. during the week

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  1. por mi parteapparently


  2. dicho y hechofrom beginning to end


  3. no hay que darle vueltasthere's no way around it


  4. no estar de humorto miss


  5. abogado de mala causaout of style/date