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  1. echar un piropo
  2. no es asunto mío (suyo, etc.)
  3. un día sí y otro no
  4. andarse con rodeos
  5. hacer cocos
  1. a every other day
  2. b to beat around the bush
  3. c it's none of my business
  4. d to flirt
  5. e to compliment

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  1. to play hooky
  2. to have the blues
  3. to lock the door
  4. to snap one's finger
  5. to make faces at

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  1. en abonosin installments


  2. entre tantoduring the week


  3. no hay que darle vueltasto get to the point


  4. lo mismo daas far as i'm concerned


  5. al pan, pan; al vino, vinocall a spade a spade