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  1. no es asunto mío (suyo, etc.)
  2. al pan, pan; al vino, vino
  3. lo mismo da
  4. año bisiesto
  5. dar las espaldas a
  1. a call a spade a spade
  2. b it makes no difference
  3. c leap year
  4. d it's none of my business
  5. e to turn one's back on

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  1. to show off
  2. to make faces at
  3. to ignore
  4. no sooner said than done
  5. to go crazy

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  1. dar jabón ato flatter someone


  2. por mi parteit makes no difference


  3. pintar venadoto play hooky


  4. por lo vistoas far as i'm concerned


  5. como dios mandait makes no difference