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  1. había una vez
  2. entre tanto
  3. pintar venado
  4. un día sí y otro no
  5. en abonos
  1. a to play hooky
  2. b once upon a time
  3. c every other day
  4. d in installments
  5. e meanwhile

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  1. to turn one's back on
  2. now is the time, now is your chance
  3. jack of all trade, master of none
  4. once in a blue moon
  5. to be ticklish

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  1. dejarse de cuentosonce in a while


  2. dicho y hechono sooner said than done


  3. ni con muchonot by a long shot


  4. tener murriato have the blues


  5. de improvisounexpectedly