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  1. al pan, pan; al vino, vino
  2. ir a medias
  3. hay gato encerrado
  4. dar por supuesto
  5. día tras día
  1. a to take for granted
  2. b there is more than meets the eye
  3. c day after day
  4. d to go halvsies/ 50/50
  5. e call a spade a spade

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  1. as far as i'm concerned
  2. every other day
  3. nevermind
  4. there's no way around it
  5. lame excuse

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  1. ¿qué sé yo?how should i know?


  2. bien me lo merezcounavoidable


  3. sin remedioto go halvsies/ 50/50


  4. entre tantoduring the week


  5. echar carnesto flatter