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The primary goal of the hospital standardization program was
a) to raise the standards of surgical practice
b) to train physicians and nurses for american hospitals
c) to standardize the education curricula of american medical schools
d) to force substandard hospitals to close

a) to raise the standards of surgical practice

Which of the following activities is not a traditional medical records function :
a) forms control
b) quantitative analysis
c) productivity monitoring
d) data adminstration

d) data adminstration

Which of the following entities are at the head of the ahima volunteer structure and hold the responsibility for managing the property, affairs, and operations of AHIMA?
a) house of delegates
b) board of directors
c) communities of practice
d) component state associations

b) board of directors

The new opportunity for HIM professionals that deals with data repositories and data warehouses is :
a) health information manager
b) clinical data specialist
c) enterprise content and information manager
d) data resource adminstrator

d) data resource adminstrator

Who is responsible for final approval of the AHIMA code of ethics?
a) ahima board of directors
b) ahima commission on certification for health informatics and information management
c) ahima ethics committee
d) ahima house of delgates

d) ahima house of delegates

Dr. Jones entered a progress note in a patient's health record 24 hours after he visited the patient. Which quality element is missing from the progress note?
a) data completeness
b) data relevancy
c) data currency
d) data precision

c) data currency

I have been asked to list institutional users of the health record. Which one of the following should I include in my list?
a) blue cross and blue shield
b) patient
c) fbi agent
d) ahima press

a) blue cross and blue shield

Why is an ideal ehr system one that requires the point of care charting?
a) eases duplicate data entry burden
b) eliminates intermediary paper forms
c) reduces memory loss
d) supports clinical decision making

d) supports clinical decision making

Which of the following is a transition strategy to achieve an ehr?
a) ancillary system support
b) clinical data repository
c) electronic document management system
d) results retrieval

c) electronic document management system

To ensure that a computerized provider order entry (cpoe) system supports patient safety, what other systems must be in place?
a) digital dictation
b) electronic adminstration forms
c) pharmacy information system
d) point of care charting

c) pharmacy information system

A critical element of data retrieval planning is designing
a) clinical data repository
b) controlled vocabulary
c) screen layout
d) source systems

c) screen layout

A local area network using internet based protocol is:
a) ethernet
b) extranet
c) internet
d) intranet

d) intranet

RAID technology:
a) provides for server redundancy
b) rapidly processes discete data in a database
c) reduces narrative notes to encoded form
d) none of the above

d) none of the above

"System build" is the process where :
a) data tables are loaded and screen layouts customized
b) ehr is developed by the organization instead of acquired from a vendor
d) hardware is procured and installed

a) data tables are loaded and screen layouts customized

The primary user of computerized provider order entry is:
a) nurse
b) patient
c) pharmacist
d) physician

d) physician

Which of the following is considered confidential information?
a) patients name
b) patient address
c) patient diagnosis
d) name of insurer

c) patient diagnosis

In preperation for an upcoming site visit by the joint commission you discover that the number of deliquent records for the proceeding month exceeded 50% of discharged patients. Even more alarming was the pattern you noticed in the type of deliquencies. Which of the following represents the most serious pattern of deliquencies? Fifteen percent of deliquent records show :
a) missing signatures on progress notes
b) missing discharge summaries
c) absence of soap format in progress notes
d) missing operative reports

d) missing operative reports

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