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The Navy uses SCBA bottles with a rated duration of ....... or ....... minutes.
What size SCBA bottles are used by the investigators?
Approximately how long will a 15-lb CO2 Extinguisher last under continuous operation?
40 seconds
The person that is in charge of clearing routes to provide access to fires is the .......
access man
Which phase does a Casualty Power Cable conductor having only one serving or one Braille marking indicate?
phase A
What is the maximum effective range of a 15 lb CO2 Extinguisher?
4-6 ft
A disadvantage of using steel shores is .......
tendancy to produce sparks
How should primary fire boundaries be set?
6 sides of the affected compartment
What fluid is carried by a piping system having hand wheels colored yellow and black?
lube oil
What is the shape of the contamination marker?
Compartment Air Test fittings are normally classified as ....... fittings.
What is the primary and secondary colors for a radiological contamination marker?
white and black
Small ships have fireplugs placed so that any area on the ship can be reached with ....... feet of a fire hose.
What is the first step in securing the Portable Exothermic Cutting Unit (PECU) in an emergency?
release the torch oxygen lever
What do the heavy lines on DC Diagrams indicate?
watertight and airtight boundaries
What is the primary function of the X40J circuit?
casualty communication
What size fire hose is used as the discharge hose for a Portable Electrical Submersible Pump?
2 1/2 inch X 50 feet
The decontamination teams work from .......then .......
top to bottom them winward to leeward
What is the first component in the firemain system; it is located below the waterline?
What condition greatly influences biological agent persistence?
What is the total length of three standard lengths of fire hose connected together?
What is the mixing ratio for AFFF and water?
94% water to 6% AFFF
what portable firefighting extinguisher is intended for use on a Class "B" Fire
AFFF extinguisher
What fittings are open and operating regardless of the material condition of readiness?
The acronym MOPP means .......
Mission Oriented Protective Posture
SCBA cylinders should be charged to ....... psig.
What location, within Main Machinery compartments, should dry bulb thermometers be permanently installed?
At key watch and work stations where the thermometer is not influenced by adjacent heat or cold sources.
General destruction of the skin and tissue is caused by which chemical agent?
Which RADIAC device has a back-up power supply of 4 Ni-Cad batteries?
What is the proper sequence of activating an installed Eductor
Discharge, Firemain, Suction.
What are three colors M-8 paper can display?
Yellow, Green, Red.
Investigators must be familiar with all of the following systems EXCEPT .......
oily water waste systems
What are two types of portable Eductors?
When operating the portable hydraulic access rescue system (PHARS), you should hold the blades at what angle against the material being cut?
Where can you find a list of frame numbers which divide the major fire zones?
Damage Control Drawings
What is the recommended length for Shoring Wedges?
6 times the minimum butt thickness
The responsibility for handling all emergencies on the flight deck belongs to the ....... team.
Crash and Salvage
What are the two sizes of metal shoring utilized onboard Navy ships?
3-5 feet and 6-11 feet
What type of nozzle is at the fireplug station?
What is the 7JZ circuit used for?
Repair 5 to DC Central
What is the process of supporting the bulkheads, deck and overhead of a compartment to prevent metal fatigue, sagging or bulging?
The peri-jet eductor has ....... jet(s) around the vacuum chamber.
At which MOPP Level is the Counter Measure Wash Down (CMWD) System continuously activated?
How should CO2 be applied to a fire?
At a distance not greater than 4-6 feet towards the base of the fire.
What is the function of the gas mask?
To protect the face, eyes and respiratory system during a CBR attack.
What fluid is carried by a piping system having hand wheels colored purple?
What is the purpose of the Halon time delay?
To allow time for ventilation to shutdown and personnel to secure accesses.
What team is found only on air capable ships?
Crash and Salvage
Gas mask should be donned within ....... seconds of a CPS low pressure alarm.
What are the two standard sizes of Navy firefighting hoses?
1-1/2 inch and 2-1/2 inch.
What is the maximum time it should take you to don the OCENCO EEBD?
10 seconds.
What is the 2JV supplementary circuit designated for?
Engineering circuit
What does a kiloton equal in the amount of TNT?
1000 tons
Which drainage system runs through the main machinery spaces on a Navy ship?
The primary purpose of the P-100 is ..
fire fighting.
What is the basic difference between a TRI Gate and a "Y" Gate coupling?
TRI Gate has one inlet and three outlet connections. "Y" Gate has one inlet and two outlet connections.
To shutdown the torch, while using the Portable Exothermic Cutting Unit, during emergency operations,
release the torch oxygen lever
What section of the damage control book lists all the DC fittings and their closure identifications?
Damage Control System.
What fluid is carried by a piping system having hand wheels colored red?
What is the number designated for the main deck on board ship?
The decontaminate HTH is commonly referred to as .......
Calcium Hypochlorite.
M8 paper will NOT detect ....... agents.
The material for making a soft patch would be located in .......
a pipe patching kit.
At what point would first aid personnel be allowed into a compartment, without PPE, where a fire has occurred?
After the Gas Free Engineer has certified the atmosphere is safe to breathe.
What fluid is carried by a piping system having valve hand wheels colored dark green?
Sea water
What are the two types of Navy Firefighting nozzles used onboard ships?
All Purpose and VARI
How many feet of cable do the X-40J Reels normally have?
The following are the Fire Watch' s duties and responsibilities EXCEPT .......
certify the space as Gas Free
What are three common pipe patches used in the Navy?
Soft, Jubilee, EWARP
The Isometric Damage Control diagrams (DC Plates) are ....... Dimensional
The distance of a ship's keel to the waterline is indicated by ....... draft marks.
What is the purpose of the OCENCO EEBD?
Escape smoke or toxic atmospheres.
What are shipboard RADIACs designed to measure?
Amount of Gamma radiation present
What color is M-8 paper when it is exposed to a G series nerve agent?
When plugging holes, priority should be given to holes ...
at the lower portions of the ship.
What is the first step in fighting a Class "C" fire?
De-energize the circuit/equipment
What is the actuating source of the RAM fan?
When does the job of an Investigator begin?
Any time during fire, flooding, collision or battle damage
What is the recommended extinguishing agent for a Class "C" Fire?
What is the primary and secondary colors for a radiological contamination marker?
White, black.
In relation to symbology, what is the symbol for a "Rupture"?
What is the first thing that should be done during pipe patching activities?
Secure power in flooded compartment.
The Gas Free Certificate requires recertification every ....... hours or less.
What Class of fire is AFFF normally used on?
What fittings are secured for CBR defense?
Circle William.
When using Sound Powered phones what is the next step after you identify the name of the station called?
Identify your station
Atropine injectors deliver ....... MG of atropine.
Which of the following Class of fires is PKP most effective?
Air escaping from an air test fitting could be an indication of what kind of damage?
The rubber gasket material must extend at least ....... inch(es) past both sides of the rupture when installing a Soft Pipe Patch.
What are the three Damage Control Plotting Methods?
Line, Box and Column
What is the means of gross decontamination on topside surfaces?
Counter Measure washdown
Submersible pumps are NOT designed for pumping what types of liquid?
Heavy oils.
Laminated copies of ship's diagrams are used to .......
communicate with other repair lockers.
What are the most utilized types of shoring?
H, I, K
What is the flow rate setting of AFFF nozzles located in Engine Rooms?
95 GPM
Who maintains the master damage control book onboard the ship?
Damage Control Assistant
What does a megaton equal in the amount of TNT?
1000 kilotons
How should you test the SCBA face mask for a seal?
Perform a seal check by placing palm of hand over adapter port on facepiece, inhale and hold breath for a second so facepiece can seal to face.
How many auto-injectors of Atropine and 2-PAM Chloride are issued to each person at the threat of a chemical attack?
3 Each
Insufficient fire main pressure, while operating an eductor, could result in .......
back flooding
How can fires spread between compartments?
Through open fittings such as cableways, doorways, pipe ways and vent ducts
What phrase best describes radiation?
Rays or particles emitted from an unstable atom
What holds the PECU rod in the torch assembly?
Collect nut and chuck
In general, what does "OVERHAULING" a fire mean?
Break up all residue of combustible material
What fluid is carried by a piping system having hand wheels colored light striped blue and red?
AFFF concentrate
What is RADIAC an acronym for?
Radiation, Detection, Intensity, and Computation
What is the maximum length of a Shore?
Thirty times the minimum thickness
Auxiliary circuits are distinguished by a/an ....... prior to the circuit designation.
Wood shores should be cut to the longest length possible, while maintaining portability and not exceeding stowage height aboard ship. They are stowed in designated rack locations above the waterline and are typically ....... to ....... feet in length.
16, 18
The ACPG suit protects against all known chemical warfare agents for ....... hours.
What form of Chemical Agent will M-8 Paper detect?
What is the bail position and spray pattern setting for the VARI nozzle located at a fire station?
Forward (SHUT) and high velocity fog (NARROW V)
What type of door is used where there is a pressure drop between the two spaces?
Balanced Joiner Doors
The AFFF System can be activated by a .......
pushbutton operated solenoid valve
Why do you remove and cut wedges prior to reinstalling them for final application of a Soft Patch?
To minimize obstruction of fluid flow
What chemical agent is considered the most dangerous casualty agent?
What is the primary purpose of Eductors?
Remove liquid
The CPS master alarm panel is located in .......
Central Control Station / Damage Control Central
When smoke is encountered, what should an investigator do?
Immediately report it and don breathing apparatus prior to investigation
What method of decontaminating a grossly contaminated compartment is used as the last resort?
A plate placed under a shore to distribute weight or pressure is called a .......
There is/are ....... main material conditions of readiness.
The operator of the electric submersible pump should wear .......
rubber boots, rubber gloves, and stand on a rubber mat
How many complete air changes are required to remove 99% of airborne contaminants?
What are the four vital principles of investigation?
Thorough, cautious, report, repeat
The area of responsibility for fighting fires in engine room/main machinery room belongs to Repair .......
The purpose of patching is to ....... flood damage.
What is the background color of the biological Contamination marker?
Freeboard is a measurement of distance from the .......
waterline to the weather deck edge
Which term best describes the total amount of radiation received by a person regardless of time?
How long must a Fire Watch remain on station?
Ensure area is cool to the touch
Identify three pieces of information that are listed next to each DC Fitting on a Compartment Check-Off List (CCOL).
Compartment name, Division responsible for fitting, Classification
Tapping on a bulkhead with a metallic object is a way to check for .......
Chemical agents most heavily contaminate .......
Topside, horizontal surfaces
The proper way to investigate for flooding is to .......
tap on bulkhead of compartment to be entered
What material falls back to earth from a radioactive cloud?
The most restrictive level of MOPP is .......
What are laminated copies of ships diagrams (DC Plates) used for?
Chart the status and progress of damage control
What is the primary designation of the X50J circuit?
Fog foam
The Navy uses SCBA bottles with a rated duration of ....... or ....... minutes.
30, 45
What is the maximum pressure allowable on a soft patch?
150 PSI
Each item listed below are types of patches, EXCEPT.......
K type
The EWARP can hold up to 150 psi, at ....... degrees F.
Laminated copies of ship's diagrams are used to .......
chart the status and progress of damage control emergencies or drills
The SCBA Bell Alarm will provide an audible warning when cylinder air pressure falls below ....... percent of cylinder capacity.
What fluid is carried by a piping system having hand wheels colored yellow?
Fuel oil
The AN/PDQ-1 is powered by ....... D-Cell batteries.
What are the two available sizes of the Emergency Water Activated Repair Patch (EWARP)?
2 inches X 5 feet and 4 inches X 15 feet
What type of closure uses a single handwheel to operate all dogs simultaneously?
Quick Acting Water Tight Scuttle
What does the DC symbol with an "A" enclosed inside a circle mean?
Class A Fire is engaged
Where should the Male Fitting of a Fire Hose be located when it is rolled up for stowage?
Which is NOT a component of the P-100?
4 inch discharge hose
To find the location of a bulkhead terminal you would refer to a ....... system diagram.
casualty power
Which of the following contain the proper procedures for donning the OCENCO EEBD?
Remove EEBD from case, insert mouthpiece, attach nose clip, inhale and escape
Removal of water from flooded compartments, is the responsibility of the ....... team.
Rapid Response Team is also known as the ....... team.
At-Sea Fire Party
The P-100 Pump should be carried by a minimum of ....... personnel.
Which two portable agents should be used to combat a Deep Fat Fryer fire?
M-9 paper turns ....... when a nerve agent is detected?
When would you use the Bypass Valve on the Halon System?
If the Time Delay failed to work
After a nerve agent has been released in the atmosphere in your location, your protective mask may be removed under what circumstance?
The all clear signal is given
The drainage system that is found forward and aft of the main machinery spaces is the ....... drainage system.
What Classification of Firemain fittings are NOT closed when General Quarters is sounded?
The position of Repair Party Leader is normally assigned to .......
Officers or Chief Petty Officers
What is the primary and secondary colors for a biological contamination marker?
Blue, red
What do the dotted lines and crosshatched areas on a damage control diagram indicate?
Hidden boundaries
What type of firemain system consists of two single fore and aft, cross connected mains installed in the same plane?
Horizontal loop
What is the 7JZ circuit used for?
Casualty communications circuit
What fittings are secured in order to prevent light from escaping to the outside of the ship?
Dog Zebra
The maximum suction lift of an electrical submersible pump is ....... to ....... feet.
16, 20
Identify three pieces of information that are listed next to each DC Fitting on a Compartment Check-Off List
Compartment name, Division responsible for fitting, Classification
Which Material Condition is generally set while pier side in the CONUS?
What RADIAC device has the ability to provide dose and dose rate information?
While the ship is in port, who gives instructions on aligning, operating and securing the Main Drainage system?
Engineering Duty Officer
What is the effective range of a 27-lb PKP extinguisher?
21 feet
What indications are given when the installed Halon System has been activated?
Visual and audible alarms and shut down space ventilation
When using the portable hydraulic access rescue system (PHARS), use extreme caution when cutting by ensuring that personnel keep clear of the.......
moving parts
What is an advantage of the PERI JET Eductor?
Passes small objects
"Unexploded munitions" signs will be found in the ...... repair locker kit?
CBR Monitoring
After decontaminating the weather decks the decontamination team(s) must enter the ship through the .......
What do heavy lines represent on a DC diagram?
Water tight and oil tight boundaries
The P-100 pumps are designed for ....... and ....... service.
firefighting, dewatering
AFFF provided at the nozzle is approximately ....... percent AFFF concentrate.
The Jubilee patch will hold up to ....... psi.
What two types of composite materials are used to construct an SCBA cylinder?
Fiberglass-filament and Carbon-fiber
The discharge hose used with the S-Type eductor is ....... inches.
Correct answer - 2-1/2
Which document dictates the procedures to follow upon discovering a major flammable liquid leak?
Ships Main Space Fire Doctrine
Auxiliary circuits are distinguished by an ....... prior to the circuit designation.
An area will be considered decontaminated when .......
detector kit indicates no agent present
Navigational draft marks are ....... inches in height.
Which of the following is an example of a Class B fire?
A five gallon pail of paint that is on fire
What is the purpose of the Naval Firefighters Thermal Imager?
To see through light smoke and dense steam
To find the length of a wedge you would use ......
6 X minimum butt thickness
What is the proper procedure for combating an electrical cableway fire with water fog?
Short bursts of high velocity fog at a minimum distance of 4 feet from the cables
Contamination control marking signs are .......
11-1/2 inches by 8 inches by 8 inches
The backbone of a ship is referred to as the .......
What is the principal means of communication for damage control operations?
sound powered phones or IVCS
The dotted lines and crosshatched areas on a damage control diagram indicate .......
hidden boundaries
When using bolt cutters, why is twisting during use not recommended?
It may break the jaws or blades
When using "K" type shoring, you must keep the V angles to less than ....... degrees.
How should you check for flooding inside an air/watertight compartment without Air Test Fittings or Stuffing Tubes?
Tap from bottom to top