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Upper intermediate headway 4th edition unit 1 by Davlatbek


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Accept (v)
To agree to take something
(Согласиться, допускать)
Adopt (v)
To take another person's child into your own family and legally look after him or her as your own child
(Усыновлять, удочерить)
Bang (coll)
To hit a part of the body against something by accident
Barrier (n)
Anything that prevents people from being together or understanding each other
(Преграда, помеха)
Beggar (n)
A poor person who lives by asking others for money or food
(Нищий, попрошака)
Blog (n)
A diary that you put on the internet for other people to read
Buddy (n)
A friend (приятель)
Bumpy (adj)
Not smooth (неровный)
Cheers (interj)
Used to mean 'thank you'
Coast (n)
The land next to or close to the sea
Crisp (adj)
Hard enough to be broken easily
Desire (n)
A strong feeling that you want something
(Сильное желанье)
Determine (v)
To decide what will happen
Drag (n)
Slang: something which is not convenient and is boring or unpleasant
(Обуза, зануда)
Except (v)
Not including, but not
Expect (v)
To think or believe something will happen, or somebody will arrive
Fabulous (adj)
Very good, escaping
(Невероятный, потрясаюший)
Fans (plural n)
Devices that is used to move air around
Fateful (adj)
Having an important and usually negative effect on the future
Feel up to sth
To have a wish for sth
(Быть в настроении)
Fend for himself
To take care of and provide himself without depending on anyone else
(Обеспечивать себя)
Formal (adj)
Public or official
Fortnight (n)
A period of two weeks
(Две недели)
Fortune teller (n)
A person who tells you what they think will happen to you in the future
Foul play (n)
Sb who does sth against the rules of a sport, often causing injury to another player
(Нечесная игра)
Get it (idiom)
Board (v)
To get onto or allow people to get onto a boat, train or aircraft
(Сесть на корабль)
Get the better of somebody (v)
To defeat sb in a competition
(Взять верх над кем-л)
Google Earth (n)
It allows you to travel the world through a virtual globe and view satellite imagery, maps terrain, 3D buildings
Grab (v)
To take hold of sth or sb suddenly and roughly
Granted (v)
To give or allow sb or sth, usually in an official way
Hang on (v)
To wait for a short time
Hanging out (v)
To spend a lot of time in a place or with sb
Have a lot on
Have many things expecting you to accomplish
Head (v)
To go in a particular direction
Heartbroken (adj)
Extremely sad
(С разбитым сердцем)
Hit on sth (v)
To think of an idea when you did not expect or intend to
(Найти решение)
Home grown (adj)
From your own garden
Homecoming (adj)
A person's arrival home after being away for along time
Homepage (n)
The first page of a website which gives an introduction to the business or organization
(Домашняя страница)
Hop in (v)
To get into vehicle quickly
(Впрыгивать в машину)
Host family (n)
A family that has a guest to live with them
House bound (adj)
Unable to leave your home, especially because you are ill
(Привязаный дому)
House proud (adj)
Very worried about your house being completely clean and tidy
House warming (adj)
A party which you give when you move into a new house
Illiterate (adj)
Unable to read and write
Incredible (adj)
Impossible, or very difficult, to believe
Kind of (weird)
Fairly strange
Life expectancy (n)
The length of time that a living thing, especially a human being, is likely to live
(Длительность жизни)
Life insurance (n)
A system in which you make regular payments to an insurance company which will be paid to sb you have named, usually a member of your family, when you die
(Страхование жизни)
Life size (adj)
Describes a work of art or model that is the same size as the person or thing that it represents
(Натуральная величина)
Lifelong (adj)
Lasting for the whole of a person's life
Lift (v)
To move sth from a lower to a higher position
Load of sth
Make a living
Earn money to supply oneself
(Зарабатывать на жизнь)
Mega (adj)
Very good or very big
Mousse (n)
A light cold food made from eggs mixed with cream
(Мусс блюдо)
Nap (n)
A short sleep, especial during the day
(Короткий сон)
Network (n)
To connect computers together so that they can share information
Notorious (adj)
Famous for sth bad
(Пользуюший дурной славой)
Orphanage (n)
A home for children whose parents are dead or unable to care for them
(Приют для сирот)
Pass away (v)
Play (n)
A piece of writing that is intended to be acted in a theatre
(Пьеса, драмма)
Put up (v)
To stay somewhere for the night
Radius (n)
A straight line joining the centre of a circle to its edge or the centre of a sphere to its surface
Railway track (n)
A path for the railway
Raindrops (n)
Single drops of rain
(Дождевая капля)
Rest of sth
The other things, parts that remain or that have not been mentioned
Rough (adj)
Not even or smooth, often because of being in bad condition
(Неровный, грубый)
Rubbish (adj)
Completely without skill at a particular activity
Sand (n)
A substance that is made from small grains of rock
Settle down (v)
To become familiar with a place and to feel happy and confident in it
Shabby (adj)
Looking old and in bad condition because of being used for a long time or not being cared for
Shell (n)
The hard outer covering of sth, especially nuts, eggs and some animals
Shelter (n)
A building designed to give protection from bad weather, danger or attack
(Приют, убежише)
Sleeping rough
To live outside not in a house, and sleep on the ground
(Спать на улице)
Slum (n)
A very poor and crowded area, especially of a city
Spectacular (adj)
Very exciting to look at
Stress out (v)
To make sb feel very nervous and worried
Strike gold (v)
To win a gold medal in a sport competition/ to make large profit or to become rich
(Завоевать золото)
Stuff (n)
Used to refer to a substance or a group of things or ideas
Subway (n)
An underground passage which allows people on foot to cross a busy road
Suspicious (adj)
Making you feel that sth illegal is happening or that sth is wrong
Sweeper (n)
Sb or sth that sweeps sth clean
Swing it
To be punished severely for sth that has happened
Take it easy
To relax and not use too much energy
Vivid (adj)
Clear, powerful and detailed images in the mind
Wandering (v)
Walking around slowly in a relaxed way or without any clear purpose or direction
Waterfall (n)
Water, especially from a river or stream, dropping from a higher to a lower point, sometimes from a great heigh
Zoom down (v)
Moving with great speed and energy or decreasing suddenly