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001. 3DXXX AFSCs duties, responsibilities, and core competencies

What defines cyberspace as "a global domain within the information environment consisting of the interdependent network of information technology infrastructures, including the Internet, telecommunications networks, computer systems, and embedded processors and controllers."

AFDD 3-12

What is the core AFSC training document used for training enlisted personnel.


The _____ outlines the initial skills, upgrade, qualification, advanced, and proficiency training requirements for those individuals in specific AFSCs in order to promote career progress.


The 3D CFETPs are maintained by ...

3D000 & 3D100 Air Force Career Field Managers.

Whats the purpose of The CFETP?

The purpose of
the CFETP is to provide the information necessary for Air Force Career Field Managers (AFCFMs),
MAJCOM Functional Managers (MFM), commanders, training managers, supervisors, and trainers to
plan, develop, manage, and conduct an effective career field training program.

All core tasks that correspond to the duty position, and tasks assigned by the supervisor per. AFI 36-2201 are refered to as...

Duty position tasks

The "integrated bundle" of expert knowledge & organizational skills inherent to a particular career field are known as...

Core competencies

AFCFMs identify ____ _____ are the minimum qualification requirement for everyone in an AFSC, regardless of duty position. Can be specific to a particular skill level or in general
across the AFSC.

Core tasks

what are the two sub-groups of the cyberspace support career fields?

Cyberspace Operations (3D0XX) & Cyberspace Systems (3D1XX)

Who is primarily concerned with the functions of handling
data, information, and knowledge-sharing services. like records management, management of AF Portal & the ops of the Official Mail Center

Knowledge Operations Management 3D0X1

who is focused on the administration of servers and
server farms throughout AF installations worldwide.

The Cyber Systems Operations 3D0X2

who administers application distribution across AF & DOD networks, both fixed and deployed and is specialized on C2 & C4ISR systems

The Cyber Systems Operations 3D0X2

These technicians deal with the protection of information via Info assurance program which includes COMPUSEC, COMSEC & EMSEC

Cyber Surety 3D0X3

Made up of computer analysts, code writers, and management functions for the design of new Air Force & DOD specific software solutions. They are the central source for software development,
maintenance, and testing.

Computer System Programming 3D0X4

Cyberspace Systems handle what types of systems?

Voice, data, video, and radar systems

1st tier tech support to communication systems users worldwide. The "first responders" for all computer, telephone, personal wireless and LMR devices. Their duties include local base helpdesk/client support and "hands-on"
maintenance actions.

Client Systems, 3D1X1,

maintains the communications "backbone" infrastructure.install, troubleshoot, maintain, and repair voice, data and video com. systems.

Cyber Transport 3D1X2

who operates & maintains perimeter and internal IDS systems, as well as studio & broadcast
equipment for the Armed Forces Network (AFN).

Cyber Transport 3D1X2

These technicians deploy, sustain, troubleshoot, & repair standard RF "LINE OF SIGHT" , wideband & ground-based satellite devices and deployable satellite ground terminals

RF Transmission Systems, 3D1X3,

who analyzes and requests radio frequency spectrum space to support fixed
and deployed operations

Spectrum Operations, 3D1X4,

who handles all Air Force radar systems in support of ground, air & weather operations.

Ground Radar Systems 3D1X5

who installs, maintains and repairs fixed
and deployable air traffic, weather, ground air control, and warning radar systems like friend-or-foe identification systems

Ground Radar Systems 3D1X5

who performs critical maintenance and
repair to navigational aids, instrument landing systems & many other pieces of equipment that
ensure the safety of air crews

Airfield Systems, 3D1X6,

Who installs, maintains & configures fixed cable and wireless signal distribution systems.

Cable and Antenna Systems 3D1X7.

who is responsible for the installation and maintenance of large scale network wiring that supports fixed & deployed

Cable and Antenna Systems 3D1X7.

C4ISR stands for...

command, control, communications, computers,
intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance

Which enlisted training element is assigned by the supervisor in accordance with (IAW) AFI 36-2201

Duty position task

Which enlisted training element is defined as an integrated bundle of expert knowledge and
organizational skills inherent to a particular career field?

Core competency

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