17 terms

Bible Lesson 1.5 Quiz Practice

gold, frankincense, myrrh
What three gifts did the Wise Men bring Jesus?
baptized in the Jordan River; tested in the wilderness for 40 days
What events in Israel's history did Jesus replay in His own life after he returned to Israel
What character kept showing up to give warnings to people like the Wise Men and Joseph?
Who played the role of the "New Pharaoh" in Matthew 2?
set them free
What did Jesus and Moses both do for the people of Israel?
Gentiles, Herod
Jesus was good news to the ___, but bad news to ___?
Hosea 11:1
What Scripture did Jesus directly fulfill by going to and from Egypt as a child?
they were Gentiles
What is the most important thing we need to know about who the Wise Men were?
that he would worship the baby
What did Herod say in Matthew 2:8 to try and trick the Wise Men into telling him where the baby Messiah was?
the Gentiles were excluded
What happened to the Gentiles when Israel turned God's Word into a morality code?
the "new Egypt"
the "new Moses" and the "new Israel"
The "new Pharaoh
Jesus came as a New Israel to invite all men to be ___ of God
boys 2 years and under
After Herod learned that the Wise Men tricked him, he ordered all ___ to be killed in and around Bethlehem.
Red Sea
Jesus also fulfilled Israel's history by leaving Egypt and being baptized in the Jordan River just like Israel was "baptized" in the ___.
40 years
Israel wandered in the wilderness for ___.