Ch. 3 Application Software


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This type of software works with end users, application software, and computer hardware to handle the majority of technical details.
This type of software can be described as end user software and is sued to accomplish a variety of tasks.
- provide additional information and request user input.
Dialog Boxes
Most applications us a(n) - that displays graphical elements called icons to represent familiar objects.
Graphical User Interface
General-purpose applications include all of the following except:
- Database Management Systems
- Web Authoring
- Word Processors
- Spreadsheets
Web Authoring
This GUI includes tabs, groups, and galleries.
These organize commonly used commands into sets of tabs.
To create documents that consist primarily of text, you need this software.
Word Processor
Which would be the most appropriate type of application to create, analyze, and forecast budgets?
The electronic equivalent of a file cabinet is a -
Programs that combine a variety of visual objects to create attractive, visually interesting presentations are called:
Presentation Graphics
Programs that allow you to mix text and graphics and focus on flexible page design and layout.
Desktop Publishing
These are specialized graphics programs for editing or modifying digital photographs.
Image Editors
Image editors edit images consisting of thousands of pixels that form this type of image.
The type of image is made up of geometric shapes or objects.
These programs are used to create and edit vector images.
Illustration Programs
- are used to edit videos to enhance quality and appearance.
Video Editors
Which of the following programs would be used to create a website?
Web Authoring
Specialized and powerful programs, called - are typically used to create specialized commercial sites.
Web Authoring Programs
Web authoring programs that allow you to build a page without interacting directly with HTML code are known as -.
WYSIWYG editors
Add-on programs for a variety of mobile devices including smartphones and tablets.
Mobile Apps
- make up the basic structure of a relational database with columns containing field data and rows containing record information.
This is a website that provides access to specific mobile apps that can be downloaded either for a nominal fee or free of charge.
App Store
Which of the following is not a popular cloud suite or online office suite?
Lotus Symphony