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LD25 : Domestic Violence

Evergreen Police Academy California POST LD 25 This is a tested LD for Level 1
Domestic Violence (Felony) is _____ PC. Applies to (current or former) spouse or intimate cohabitant with visible injuries.
With a Domestic Violence arrest you must _____ any firearms in the house, found either through consent or through plain view.
Intentionally and recklessly causing bodily injury is _____.
spouse, cohabitant or common child
Felony relationships include:
dating or engaged
Misdemeanor relationships include:
Two unrelated adults, living together for a substantial period of time, with an intimate relationship.
Did You Exchange Spit
DUES stands for (definition of an intimate relationship)
243 (e)(1)
Domestic Violence Battery (Misdemeanor) is ______ PC. Applies to current or former dating or engaged, with or without injury
Most Domestic Violence relationships require (current or past) ________.
Frequent, intimate associations, independent of financial considerations.
Domestic ________ are disagreements between family or household membert that DO NOT involve violence, threats of violence, or court order violations.
traumatic condition
A wound or external or internal injury, whether of a minor or serious nature, caused by physical force.
traumatic condition
Even a slap, if there is a mark, is considered a
traumatic condition
Even if there are no marks, a complaint of pain is a
243 (e)(1)
Any of the DV relationships, without injury, are a (misdemeanor)
traumatic condition
The main difference between 273.5 and 243 (e)(1) is the existence of a
misdemeanor 243
Domestic Violence, regardless of the relationship, with no injuries or complaints of pain, is a
No matter which Domestic Violence section, misdemeanor or felony, you can still ______.
Criminal Threats (felony) is ___ PC. A threat of great bodily injury, verbal, written or gesture, the statement must be taken as a threat and cause sustained fear, even if the suspect has no actual intent.
Stalking (felony) is _____ PC. Willfully, maliciously and repeatedly follows or harasses a person, and makes a credible threat, victim must be aware and distressed by the suspect.
Malicious Destruction of a Telephone Line (felony) is ___ PC.
Spousal Rape (felony) is ___ PC. Penile/Vaginal intercourse, with a spouse, against the will or without consent of the victim.
Preventing or Dissuading a Witness or Victim from Testifying (felony) is _____ PC.
In Stalking and Criminal Threats, ________ is everything.
The most dangerous time is when the victim finally decides to ______.
dominant aggressor
Arrest the ________ _________.
Domestic Violence is a form of _______.
Domestic Violence typically increases in frequency and ________.
Violence is a _______ behavior.
When officers respond to a DV incident they have a _______ impact on all parties.
Making an ______ is the single most effective deterrent to DV, regardless of prosecution.
Domestic Violence calls are extremely _________ for law enforcement.
alcohol or drugs
Many DV offenders are under the influence of
The single most important piece of evidence you can collect at the scene of a DV are ___________.
spontaneous statements
Always be sure to record ___________ __________.
Emergency Protective Restraining Order
Before leaving the scene offer the victim an _________ __________ ___________ _______.
Criminal Protective Orders take precedence over ___ other existing order.
Civil restraining order violations use _____ PC.
166 (c)(1)
Criminal restraining order violations use ______ PC.