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When was the Battle of Midway?

June 4th, 1942

When was the Battle of Leyte Gulf?

October 23rd, 1944

When was the Battle of Guadalcanal?

August 7th, 1942

What was the first Carrier to Carrier Battle?

The Battle of the Coral Sea

Which battle were the five Sullivan Brothers lost and aboard what ship?

The Battle of Guadalcanal on board the USS Juneau

When is the Navy's birthday?

October 13 1775

When were the Navy's Core Values established and by whome?

1992 by Admiral Kelso

What are the Navy's Core Values?

Honor, Courage and Commitment

What brought on the developement of the Navy's Core Values?


What does NSC stand for?

National Security Council

Who is on the NSC?

The President, Vice President, Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense

What are the six areas that comprise Naval Doctrine?

Command & Control, Operations, Warfare, Logistics, Intelligence and Planning

What are the seven principles of Naval Logistics?

Simplicity, Attainability, Flexibility, Economy, Responsiveness, Sustainability, Survivability

What ship was named after the first enlisted man killed during WWI?

USS Osmand Ingram (DD 255)

What does ORM stand for?

Operational Risk Management

What are the five steps to ORM?

Identify Hazards, Assess Hazards, Make Risk Decisions, Implement Controls, Supervise

List the four categories of Hazard Severity

1. May cause death or loss of facility
2. May cause severe injury or damage to national interests
3. May cause minor injury or damage to national interests
4. Minimal threat to personnel or national interests

What are the sub-categories to Mishap Probability?

A. Likely to occur immediately or within a short period of time.
B. Likely to occur in time.
C. May occur in time.
D. Unlikely to occur

What does RAC stand for?

Risk Assessment Code

What are the RAC categories?

Critical, Serious, Moderate, Minor and Negligible

List the four Mishap reporting Categories and their respective monetary values.

A: $2 Million or more
B: $500,000 to $2 Million
C: $50,000 to $500,000
D: $20,000 to $50,000

What is the purpose of a HAZREP?

To report that a significant hazardous condition exists that may affect other commands.

How many pressure points are there?


What are the three objectives of first aid?

Breathing, Stop Bleeding/Maintain Circulation, Prevent or Treat for Shock

Define HERO

Hazardous Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordnance

Define HERP

Hazardous Electromagnetic Radiation to Personnel

Define HERF

Hazardous Electromagnetic Radiation to Fuels

What is MSDS?

Material Safety Data Sheet

What three classes of ships existed at the inception of the US Navy?

Ships of the Line, Frigates, Sloops of War

How many guns were carried aboard Ships of the Line?

64 - 100

How many guns were carried aboard Frigates?

28 - 44

How many guns were carried aboard Sloops of War?

10 - 20

When was the voyage of the Great White Fleet?

December 1907

What event is concidered to be the greatest loss of Cryptologic Persons?

The attack on the USS Liberty

Which Naval Vessel was attacked and captured by North Korea?

USS Pueblo

What events in space were US Navy Sailors involved in?

Mercury 3, Gemini 3, Apollo 11, Apollo 17 and STS-1

What was the Purple Code?

The cypher system used by the Japanese in the 1930's

Who are the "On the Roof Gang"?

176 Navy and Marine enlisted radio operators considered to be the first Cryptologists.

Where did the "On the Roof Gang" operate?

On the roof of the old Navy Department Building

Who coined the term "bug" and "virus" when talking about computers?

RADM Grace Hopper

Where was the first computer developed?

Iowa State College

What was the 'short' name for the first computer?



Advanced Research Projects Agency Network

What was ARPANET?

The world's first operational packet switching network, and one of the networks that came to compose the global internet

When was the first E-Mail sent?


What is ONI

Office of Naval Intelligence

Who created the Office of Naval Intelligence?

Secretary of the Navy, William H. Hunt

What two departments were combined to create the Office of Naval Intelligence?

The Deparment Library and the Office of Intelligence

Who was the founder and the first head of the US Office of Naval Intelligence, with the post of Chief Intelligence Officer?

LT. Theodorus Bailey Myers Mason

Who is credited with being the "Father of the American Navy"?

John Barry

Who is recognized as the first American Commissioned Naval Officer and it's first Flag Officer?

John Barry

The "Naval Act of 1794" provided for the construction of how many frigates which made up the first ships in the US Navy?


Who designed the first six ships of the US Navy?

Joshua Humphreys

What is the name of the oldest commissioned ship in the US Navy and one of the six original ships of the US Navy?

USS Constitution

Who was known as the "Father of the Nuclear Navy"?

Admiral Hyman G. Rickover

Define NCA

National Command Authority

State the mission of the United States Navy

To maintain, train and equip combat ready Naval forces capable of winning wars, deterring aggression and maintaining freedom of the seas.

Who are the members of the NCA?

President of the United States (as commander-in-chief) and the Secretary of Defense (as the deputy to the commander-in-chief) jointly, or their duly deputized successors.

Define SIOP

Single Integrated Operational Plan

What is the SIOP?

The Nuclear war plan for the United States.


Operational Control


Administrative Control


Combatant Commander


Fleet Commander


Type Commander


US Pacific Command

Where is PACOM HQ?



US European Command

Where is EUCOM HQ?

Stuttgart, Germany


US Joint Forces Command

Where is JFCOM HQ?

Hampton Roads, Virginia

What are the three levels of war?

Strategic, Operational and Tactical


US Southern Command


Miami, Florida


US Central Command

Where is CENTCOM HQ?

Tampa, Florida


US Northern Command


Colorado Springs, Colorado


US Special Operations Command

Where is SOCOM HQ?

Tampa, Florida


US Transportation Command


Scott Air Force Base, Illinois


US Strategic Command


Offutt AFB in Omaha, Nebraska


US Africa Command

Where is AFRICOM HQ?

Stuttgart, Germany


US Cyberspace Command


Fort Meade, Maryland

Define CNO

Chief of Naval Operations

What is CNO/N2

Director of Naval Intelligence

What is CNO/N6

Communications Networks


Commander Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command


Naval Network Warfare Command

Where is NNWC HQ?

Virginia Beach, Virginia


Joint Space Operations Command

Where is JSOC HQ?

Vandenburg AFB, California


National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Where is NOAA HQ?

Washington, DC


Naval Space Operations Center
Dahlgren, Virginia


Office of Naval Intelligence

Where is the ONI HQ?

Suitland, Maryland

Where is 2nd Fleet HQ?

Norfolk, Virginia

What is the 2nd Fleet AOR?

The Atlantic Ocean

Where is 3rd Fleet HQ?

San Diego, California

What is the 3rd Fleet AOR?

Eastern and Central Pacific Ocean

Where is 4th Fleet HQ?

Mayport, Florida

What is the 4th Fleet AOR?

Caribbean, Central and South America

Where is the 5th Fleet HQ?

Manama, Bahrain

What is the 5th Fleet AOR?

The Middle East

Where is the 6th Fleet HQ?

Naples, Italy

What is the 6th Fleet AOR?

The Mediterranean Sea

Where is the 7th Fleet HQ?

Yokosuka, Japan

What is the 7th Fleet AOR?

Western Pacific and Indian Ocean

Where is the 10th Fleet HQ?

Fort Meade, Maryland

What is the 10th Fleet AOR?

Cyber Space

What are the 5 attributes of IA?

Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability, Non-Repudiation and Authentication.

What does RADAR stand for?

Radio Detection and Ranging

Describe the six programs that make up Brilliant on the Basics

Mentorship, Sponsorship, CDB, Ombudsman, Indoctrination and Sailor Recognition (Awards)

What is PTS used as?

A Force Shaping Tool

What does PTS stand for?

Perform To Serve

What is a Page 2?

Dependent Information

What is a Page 4?

Chronological History
Qualifications and Awards

What is a Page 13?

Administrative Remarks


Enlisted Distribution Verification Report


Officer Distribution Control Report


Activity Manpower Document

Define CCRI

Command Cyber Readiness Inspection

Who conducts CCRI's for the Defense Information Systems Agency?


What is 3M?

Maintenance and Materials Management System


Defense Priorities and Allocation System

With regards to 3M, define MOV

Material Obligation Verification

What instruction pertains to ORM?


"Provides the right support at the right time, at the right place" is an example of what principle of Naval Logistics?


"Avoiding unnecessary complexity in preparing, planning and conducting logistic operations" is an example of what principle of Naval Logistics?


"Adapting logistic support to changing conditions" is an example of what principle of Naval Logistics?


"Employing logistic support assets effectively" is an example of what principle of Naval Logistics?


"Acquiring the minimum essential logistic support to begin combat operations" is an example of what principle of Naval Logistics?


"Providing logistic support for the duration of the operation" is an example of what principle of Naval Logistics?


"Ensuring that the logistic infrastructure prevails inspite of degredation and damage" is an example of what principle of Naval Logistics?


When did the First Continental Congress convene?

September 5th, 1774

When did the Second Continental Congress convene?

May 10th, 1775

When was George Washington appointed as Commander in Chief of the Continental Army?

June 15th, 1775

Who was the first Commander in Chief of the Continental Navy?

Esek Hopkins

What are the three levels of war?

Tactical Operational Stategic

ONI stand for?

The Office of Naval Intelligence

When was ONI created?


Who founded ONI?

SECNAV William Hunt

The crew for the final lunar mission included which two naval officers?

Eugene Cernan and Ronald Evans

ARPA, the developing agency of ARPANET, was formed in response to what even?


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