16 terms

North American Colonization Vocabulary

Sea Dogs
The English sea captains.
Spanish Armada
Philip II in retaliation against the English, sent these large fleet of ships.
Anglican Church
King Henry VIII broke away from the Catholic Church and established this.
A religious group that believe all people are equal and are basically good. They feel that violence is always wrong and refused to carry guns or fight. They also believe in solving all problems peacefully.
The Bread Colonies
A nickname for the Middle Colonies.
The industry of hunting whales for their oil and other products; once a major American industry; it is now illegal in the United States.
Cash Crops of the South
Tobacco, rice, and indigo are all one of these in the Southern colonies.
The Rights of Englishmen
English colonists were deeply attached to their rights as Englishmen. These rights were rooted in the Magna Carta and the English Bill of Rights.
The Magna Carta
Signed in 1215, the first document that limited the power of the king.
The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
The 1st written constitution in the colonies.
The Marlyland Toleration Act
Extended legal protection to all Christians against discrimination.
Bacon's Rebellion
Tensions had been rising in Virginia over lowered tobacco prices, rising taxes, and the lust for more land owned by natives.
House of Burgesses
First elected governing body in America, in Virginia in 1619. It has the power to make laws.
The Mayflower Compact
Document made by the Pilgrims in 1620 that provided a legal basis for self-government.
Large farms that were developed for commercial agriculture.
In the 1750s many colonial people were involved in a belief that in a orderly universe human reason will prevail.