26 terms

chapter 12 definitions

public relations
all the activities that maintain a beneficial relationship between an organizations and its various publics
integrated marketing
public relations and advertising working together
internal publics
public relations term for groups inside the client's organization
external publics
public relations term for groups outside the client's organization
press agents
people who work to generate publicity for a client
dramatic publicity techniques
a news conference in which newsmakers and reporters in various locations are joined by a satellite or an Internet hookup; also called a videoconference or a satellite media tour
publicity stunt
any action designed to create a human interest story; many are outlandish or outrageous
news hook
the angle or approach that makes information newsworthy
media relations
the practice of developing and maintaining contact with media gatekeepers; also called press relations
unauthorized disclosures to the press
trial balloons
leaks in which the source reveals that some action is being considered, in order to test public feeling about the action before going ahead with it
a story granted to just one news outlet
community relations
public relations activities designed to aid and to maintain a beneficial image with group on the local, national, or global level
corporate aid
community relations activity in which a company helps society on a large scale
crisis management
public relations activity used to repair a client's public image following an emergency
press release
brief document containing the information needed to write a news story
canned news
press releases designed o be inserted into newspaper feature or editorial sections with no change
sound bites
short, carefully crafted statements designed yo be picked up in news reports
press kit
a collection of publicity items given out to media gatekeepers
in=depth articles contained in press kits
derogatory term for public relations professionals
the practice of using public relations messages to cover up problems without correcting them
the public relations practice of covering up environmental problems by associating a client with beneficial environmental actions
the act of providing the source for information that appears in news reports
certification by an industry association