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Ga physical features include bodies of water, deserts, __________________________, and other land forms
mountain ranges
they are _____________________; they are not man-made
created by nature
the Fall line is about twenty miles wide and separates the __________________________________________________________________________________.
the piedmont region from the coastal plain region
it marks the part of the state where the elevation begins to _________________________________ towards sea level
in the states early days, __________________________ like columbus, macon, milledeville, and augusta along the fall line rivers
georgians built cities
these cities began as place where __________________________________ from boats to wagons and trains
goods were transferred
today, the fall line features some of the states most beautiful ______________________.
the okefenokee swamp is located in the ______________________________ of georgia, and it is one of the largest fresh water swamps in north america
southeast corner
its covers roughly _____________________________ of the coastal plains region
700 square miles
its name comes from a seminole word meaning, "_________________________________".
land of trembling earth
water in the swamp averages between _____________________________________, and there is unstable, marshy ground beneath it
2 and 4 feet deep
the okefenokee swamp is home __________________________________ of plants and animals
more than 1,000 types
in 1937, ____________________________ created the okefenokee national wildlife refuge, so now the swamp is now ___________________________
president roosevelt, procted land
nearly 100 miles of the _______________________________________ extends into ga
applachian mountain range
the southern end of the chain lies within the ___________________________
blue ridge range
these mountains are georgias ______________________________________________, with more than 80 inches of the rainfall every year
highest and wetest
in 1828, ______________________________________ in this area of the mountain range and put the town of dahlongea on the map
gold was discovered
today, tourist visits the appalachian mountains to enjoy the ______________________________________ and recreational activities
regions beautiful views
you can find __________________, ____________________, ______________________ in the applaichian mountains
waterfalls, caves, and forest
the chattahoochee river begins in the blue ridge mountains and ___________________________ toward alabama and the gulf of mexico
flows southeast
the chattahoochee is an __________________________________ for georgia, as well as for alabama and florida
important source of water
In the past, cities along the river used it as a source of __________ and as a means of transportation.
power for mills
Today, many man made lakes harness water from the river for _____________________ drinking water, and flood control
Chattahoochee River is also used for ______________ like kayaking, canoeing, and fishing.
recreational activities
The Savannah River begins in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and is the natural boundary between ___________________
The Savannah River flows southeast toward Savannah and empties into the ______________________
Atlantic Ocean
The Savannah River is important for shipping and trade because its _______________ make it possible for large ships to navigate.
deep waters
Barrier Islands are located along GA's coastline and form a barrier between the __________________
the main land and the Atlantic Ocean
These islands protect the mainland from much of the ocean _____________________ that would otherwise erode the coast.
winds, waves, and currents
In Georgia's early history, ports were built on the islands to ____________________
protect the states coast
Today, some of the islands, like St. Simons, Tybee, and Jekyll, are popular vacation __________________
destinations for tourists
Other barrier islands are ________________ and wilderness sanctuaries, and cannot be destroyed by manmade developments.
protected wildlife reserves